This is me, drooling

I’m having a “Festival of Cakes” for my birthday this year (among other festivities!) and I clearly NEED TO HAVE THIS CAKE!!!!


Cake!! Kit Kats!! M&M’s only my favorite candy ever!!!!

And OH look at this!!:



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5 Responses to This is me, drooling

  1. Jill says:

    I would fill that M&M one with cannoli cream just to up the decadent factor. I don’t want to change my idea for your birthday now that I’ve seen this!!! Cake Maker Problems.

  2. kjewls says:

    Kit Kat’s as a cookie crust, and M&M minis as a topping, MAMA LIKE VERY MUCH! :) Thanks for the dessert porn!

  3. Skywalker says:

    WOW!! That is all!

  4. sani panini says:

    I’m drooling too, it’s okay!

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