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Scorpion t-shirts larry mullen, U2 drummer scorpion t shirt, t-shirt scorpion larry mullen jr.


These are variations of searches that have popped up in my stats today! I am serious about finding this damn shirt!

I have emailed Entertainment Weekly’s “Style Hunter” about searching for it, as well as Edun which is Ali Hewson (Mrs. Bono’s) clothing line. The shirt looks exactly like the type of thing that they make, although it is likely custom made. If enough of us whine for it maybe they’ll make us one!

If you want to push buttons as well, here’s the EW address: and the contact page for Edun. I tried Bridget Russo in PR.

Also searching for photos!

UPDATE: I heard back from Bridget at Edun’s PR! She said she thinks it is custom made but is checking with the band’s stylist. I will pass on any further info from her when I get it.

If you are reading this – you’ll want to read this: Larry Mullen Jr.: Scorpion t-shirt UPDATE!!!

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

18 thoughts on “Scorpion t-shirts larry mullen, U2 drummer scorpion t shirt, t-shirt scorpion larry mullen jr.

  1. Great designs. I have always loved wearing tees. They are the best clothing one can wear and feel comfortable. I remember when I bought my first vintage t-shirt. It was the happiest day of my life ah! memories.


  3. Any news yet for this shirt?

    • Not yet 😦

      Getting in touch w/ Edun has been on my To Do List and been sadly neglected. But I will get on it and report back!

  4. Great Perfomance! I think I just saw you playing the R&R hall of fame in Madison Square Gardens,,,,and was wondering where I can find that t shirt you had on? Thanks for all you do! Today’s date is 4/10/10

  5. So want one in every design from 360 tour. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing..

    Cross our finger it goes on production…

  6. hi there…im looking for the same shirt for my wife..she’s a scorpio and already has a tatoo on her back…im willing to pay for it also if you can find it that would be awsome…thanx..keep me updated with an email

    • I am going to work on it this weekend – I haven’t had a chance to get to it. I’ll let you know if I have any success. When is your wife’s bday? Mine was today and although it was awesome, it would have been even better with THIS SHIRT!!

      • her bday is on nov 3…we r stil planning to go out this weekend..we saw u2 in vancouver, we r from winnipeg,…it was so wicked awsome…planning to go to seattle next yr..

      • Well from one Scorp to another – wish her Happy Bday from me! We should keep in touch. We are planning on going to the Seattle show as well. We saw them in Dublin in July and once you’ve flown across the ocean for a show, across the country is nothing!

  7. I have the same birthday as Larry and just saw them play in vancouver last night. The band was wearing the same clothes as in the Youtube concert. I NEED that shirt! Let me know if you find it.


    • Happy (almost!) Birthday Jack!

      I posted an update earlier. We’ll find a way to get this shirt dammit! We Scorpios cannot be deterred (Larry of all people should know that).

      I bet the show was amazing – I saw them in Boston, Raleigh and Dublin this year which was the highlight of my LIFE. Keep in touch!

      • Thanks for the bd wishes! Bono’s voice has never been better. I saw them in the early 80s in Vancouver and don’t remember him singing this well.

      • That’s awesome. I love this tour so much. I’ve now seen them 21 times and plan on at least two shows on the summer leg next year. I better be wearing THAT SHIRT for one of them!

  8. Hi! I am so glad you are looking into it. That shirt is amazing and i would be willing to pay a lot for it, or something resembling it… let us know of any updates.

    • Hi Shane! I just updated about it tonight. I am seriously in love with this shirt too (obviously!) and it is clear there is demand for it.

      As they say “it’s not a hill it’s a mountain, when you start out the climb”! I’m sure they didn’t mean that about a *shirt* but I am determined that there be one for fans to have! Keep in touch!

  9. I love you for looking into this so….so….passionately! You are 6 degrees of LMJ! (or rather 3 – but who’s counting!)

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