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Sister Obsessive


I was in NYC this weekend and Friday night met up with my new BFF Jill who I met at the U2 conference last month. Our plan was to try and see U2 leaving the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame gig at Madison Square Garden. She’s had some impressive stalking success in the past year so it seemed like we had a good shot. To make a long story short – we did not see U2 but we did see Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, and Shania Twain (among others) live and in the flesh.

But it was OK because earlier in the night she gave me the most awesome birthday gift EVER. It is really going to be tough topping it. First off – she and I share all-consuming obsessions with U2 (ahem Larry Mullen Jr. cough) and The Killers (ahem Brandon Flowers cough). She works in a bakery and we joked that she should make some birthday cupcakes to give LMJ should we see him.

But instead I got the birthday cupcakes which were Larry Mullen Jr. THEMED and they were both awesome and delicious! I bet even he didn’t have his own themed cupcakes for his birthday! Take that Mr. Rock Star!

But before I even got to those, there was the box they came in: she made me a Brandon Box!! Decorated with feathers, sparkly stuff and glitter – all things Mr. Flowers is fond of!:

Brandon Box


I full on admit I nearly burst into tears when I started to unwrap this. Do you know what it means, when you are obsessive, to have someone else just as obsessed as you are? That nothing you say or do or think is too far out there? That they make you Crush Crafts and Obsession Themed Desserts?? Well I’ll tell you: it means a hell of a lot. I’ve been waiting for years for someone who loves Larry as much as I do – I literally had to wait for her to be born to find my Sister Obsessive in Larry Mullen Jr. love!!

Seeing LMJ right in front of me would have been amazing. But sitting in Times Square in the middle of the night eating said cupcakes and slurping overpriced Starbucks milk while giggling hysterically as the feathers on this box waved in the breeze was pretty fucking awesome in itself.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

2 thoughts on “Sister Obsessive

  1. Other notable hilarity that ensued on Friday: Singing “Tranquilize” while Lou Reed walked out of the Garden, me telling you to inquire about Sam’s whereabouts cuz he would have access to Larry, and me wiping the table in Times Square with Purell so we could enjoy the cupcakes on a clean surface!

    But perhaps the greatest thing was standing outside the Garden at 1am and singing “Smile Like You Mean It” as it played randomly from that nearby lounge. In front of people, we did not care as we belted the bridge “And someone is calling my name, From the back of the restaurant”. It was like serendipity-the perfect ending to a memorable night!

    I had no idea the cupcakes/box would mean so much! I knew they were going to be a highlight of the night (besides stalking Larry of course). But I’m really delighted you loved them both so much. And I don’t do gifts like that for just anyone-only the VIPs! I made a cake for a friend of mine and he took a picture of it and made it the wallpaper on his iPhone! So if a box adorned with feathers and a sweaty Mormon on it, that carried cupcakes enchanted with bongo hotness were enough for you to have a truly happy birthday, then my goal was achieved 🙂 Sister Obsessive

    • OMG how could I forget singing “Tranquilize”!?? We are probably the only people on EARTH who would see Lou Reed and think “Ah! The Killers!!!”

      And SLYMI was indeed the perfect ending to a truly awesome night. Someone was calling *our* names from the back of the restaurant apparently.

      I am honored to be one of your VIPs and I love my Brandon Box and Larry cakes to death! I even love that little sparkles are left behind when I open the box! I may cry when I eat the last one but I know I have a LMJ sheet cake to look forward to!

      You Rock SO (and not just in an Edge-like-fashion from Larry’s property line!)

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