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Pacey + Damon = How much do I have to pay to make this happen?


The first Thursday without The Vampire Diaries and I was such a dork it kinda felt like a boyfriend dumped me – and now I had nothing to do on date night!!

Luckily this news cheered me right up – Josh Jackson otherwise known as Pacey – the Ultimate TVBoyfriend, was asked if he’d ever appear on TVD – being as it is created by Kevin Williamson, his former Dawson’s Creek boss – and he said sure!

Ultimate TVBoyfriend facing off with Newbie TVBoyfriend Damon Salvatore? YES PLEASE!!!

This got me to thinking that the episode should just be a TVBoyfriend Olympics. Events would include:



Sexy jewelry-related activities:

I would add Face Cupping (which my friend Trish and I think may be the very thing that MAKES a TVBoyfriend) – but I’m pretty sure Pacey would have the advantage here because Damon’s face cuppage usually happens right before he snaps a neck – not so dreamy!

Trish and I and fellow blogger Julie will be the expert panel who will judge this epic event – with Stefan Salvatore bringing us refreshing beverages – in a tank top, of course.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

7 thoughts on “Pacey + Damon = How much do I have to pay to make this happen?

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  5. Pacey wins. How dare you compare the two??? and thanks alot b/c the prom scene made me cry all over again after all these years!

  6. You’ve seriously outdone yourself! This has to be your most ingenious blog post ever! Those clips! The scene comparisons! TV Boyfriend Olympics! It’s like I died and went to Fangirl Heaven!

    The Valentine’s Day Massacre remains one of my favorite Dawson’s Creek Episodes EVER, and that scene that you clipped has a lot to do with that. “She is the kind of beautiful that gives you butterflies . . .” (Sigh!) I also liked the scene prior to that, where a wasted Pacey bitches out Dawson and Joey for being the most annoying un-couple ever, and then proceeds to literally vomit from their grossness. AWESOME!

    OK . . . so here are my votes. Damon wins the dancing award, simply because there was enough sexual heat between the “Elder Salvatore” and Elena during that circling mating ritual to provide electric power for an entire football stadium.

    Pacey wins on pining, for the reasons described above. (Although I’m ALWAYS a sucker for a good Eye Thing.)

    Ooh, now the THIRD one, that is a MAJOR toss up. On one hand, the Damon and Elena scene was Pure Sex! It even looked like Elena had a medium-sized O when Damon put that necklace back on. Plus, any mention of compulsion (followed by intense gazes, of course) is always an added turn on for me. Not sure what this says about me, personally . . . probably nothing good.

    On the other hand, in the Pacey and Joey jewelry scene, there was touching ALL OVER! On the cheek, on the neck, on the shoulder, and on the wrist . . . And the fact that he REMEMBERED it was her mom’s bracelet based on a small comment she made to him SIX MONTHS PRIOR? TVBoyfriend GOLD!

    Can I cop out and call it a draw? PRETTY PLEASE! 🙂

    • Pacey wins the Jewelry Event hands down because “I remember everything” is one of my Top 5 Fave TV Moments EVER! And I watch A LOT of TV ;-0

      And this is exactly why we have to have a three-person judging panel!! “Call it a draw” – hmmmm….did Little Salvatore slip something in your cool refreshing beverage to sway any votes?

      Thanks for your awesome comments! What a nice note to head off to bed on (and dream of TVBoyfriends vying for my attention with swoony dances and pining looks)

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