she liked Imaginary Men best of all

Salvatores are HERE!!!!!


TONIGHT!! 8PM!!! CW!!!!!

Three! THREE Sexy People for the price of one show!!

And as an added bit of awesomeness, fabulous and hilarious TV Recapper Extraordinaire Blogger Pal Julie and I will be Live Blogging the premiere! (this time we think it will actually work 🙂 )

Click here to be part of the shenanigans – again we’ll try our best to be witty and entertaining, but we can’t promise anything. Our Inner Squealing Fangirls have been quiet and patient for four months, one shirtless Salvatore Brother and all hell will likely break loose!

This season is getting great reviews across the board. You don’t want to miss out do you?? DO YOU!??

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

7 thoughts on “Salvatores are HERE!!!!!

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  2. Have fun tonight girls! I know you’ll rock the live blogging and totally kill it Salvatore style 🙂

    • Thanks! I wish I hadn’t been such a little piggy and frozen some of my Damon Brownies to defrost in celebration :-0

  3. How is it humanly possible for three people to be so damn gorgeous???

    Seriously, there should be a heart attack warning, kind of like a parental advisory sticker, on every promo image for TVD!

    You and Julie may possibly be the most amazing Fangirls I have ever seen in action 🙂

    • You and Julie may possibly be the most amazing Fangirls I have ever seen in action

      Wow thanks Cherie! That’s an awesome compliment!! We fangirl because we love – and there’s so much to love (and stare at!) on TVD!

  4. Pure posting perfection! I love how you used the “Good Salvatores and Elena” promo pic for your “Salvatores are coming” post, and the “Evil Salvatores and Katherine” promo pic for THIS post. Very interesting . . .

    Do you know that I actually went out and got myself a wireless router, JUST so I can liveblog with you on my couch tomorrow? This is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

    (And thanks for posting the premiere reviews. Good stuff.)


    • Salvatore Brothers: Making Girls Buy Wireless Routers Since the Civil War


      I really should go to bed so that the day will start and get over with faster. But I’m TOO EXCITED!!

      OMG we are 12 years old for REAL!

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