she liked Imaginary Men best of all

Hello brother


Mmmmm – nothin’ wrong with pretty boys in tank tops and sexy boots!

Here’s a genius programming idea CW: Ian Somerhalder and TV Brother Paul Wesley have a Pretty Boy Tank Top and Boot Off??

Blogger Pal Julie and I will be judges, of course 🙂

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

11 thoughts on “Hello brother

  1. This may have surpassed the Ultimate TV Boyfriend Olympics as my fave competition you have run!

    I would pay in blood (!) to see a Tank Top and Boot Off in real life, with you and Julie as the judges and the rest of us providing very well informed comments and feedback as a result of our many, many hours of scientific study of the Salvatore Brothers’ perfect-male-specimen-bodies.

    Although Julie has made me a firm Damon convert, I gotta admit that I prefer Paul Wesley in a tank top and Ian Somerhalder completely shirtless. PW has the perfect arms and shoulders ala Jason Stackhouse, and while IS is definitely up there, it is his middle and lower torso that usually leave me all hot and bothered. I use any example of IS in those low, low rise pants TVD costume designer (god bless whoever it is!) loves to put him in as Exhibit A.

    If you threw some Skarsgard tank top action into the mix, I think my head would have exploded!

    • Cherie your whole comment had me laughing – but none more than this: I gotta admit that I prefer Paul Wesley in a tank top and Ian Somerhalder completely shirtless.! Sounds like a woman who has done extensive research into this topic!!

      Mb we could just have a Vampire Off with Brothers Salvatore, Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse. Although, I gotta say – it is VERY hard to beat Kwanten in the Shoulders Sweepstakes!

      • God bless you and your love of Ryan Kwanten! Jason is so hot he deserves to be part of the Vampire Off even though he is human… honorary bloodsucker maybe??

        Ha! I truly have done extensive research, so much so I should have doctorate in Salvatorology by now 🙂

  2. I guess I am one of those newbies??? 😉
    Oh YUM – that Damon – a hunk AND a CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is just no contest for me!!

  3. And this is when I ask myself, “Why am I not watching this show???” My DVR will so be set when I get home later ;-p

  4. You may need me to help with the me

  5. WOW, can I just say .. . Best. Job. EVER!!!!!

    Sigh! Those arms with the firmly muscular and defined, yet not overly-juiced up, biceps. Those smoldering stares that seem to whisper “Sex.” The sheer masculinity of BIG black boots over jeans. The mussed up hair, you just want to run your fingers through . . .

    And while it is certainly a difficult decision. (Perfect versus Perfect.) I am going to have to go with my man Somerhalder, here. Maybe it’s the five-o’clock shadow he’s rocking. Maybe it’s the way he seems to be undressing me with his eyes. Whatever it is, he has me drooling . . .

    Your vote? 😉

    • Tough call – but I’m going to go w/ Wesley bc that boots pic of him was the first time I really went “Oh hello there!” Plus I just don’t understand all these newbies I’m turning into TVD fans and their NoStefanLove! So I gotta give the boy some support 🙂

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