she liked Imaginary Men best of all

Oh my god I’m back again!


Sooooo – long time, no blog yet apparently people are still coming here to read old posts which is pretty cool considering I haven’t posted anything in almost 15 months!

When I left you I was swooning about The World’s Best Boyfriend who, I’m happy to report is still fulfilling that role. I still love me some Imaginary Men but of course spending time with a Real Guy does take away from my sitting-up-all-night-blogging-time (so does a new wake-up call of 6AM – ACK!)

What else? Oh I just, you know – bought a house. Yes after several years of commitment phobia I went and got a relationship AND a mortgage within a year of each other. You would think I am a GROWN-UP or something!

Don't you love my new house?? (this is not my new house)

Don’t you love my new house?? (this is not my new house)

So plenty of energy that used to be dedicated to fantasizing about Pacey’s Pea Coats or Dreamy Vampire Brothers has been funneled into really sexy thoughts like bathroom remodels, caulking tools and home heating conversions (I know, I know – my life is VERY VERY COOL. Control yourself.)

And I guess some of my interests have changed and my need to write about them obsessively waned. I think that’s normal and I certainly still love a lot of things that are on this site (I’m looking at you Dowager Countess) and have discovered new interests because that’s what life is about – you grow and change and some things make the cut and some don’t.

I do have a confession to make and that is that I may now be less your Fun Sassy Girlfriend and more your Fun Sassy Grandma. The evidence: this winter I read two biographies of Frank Sinatra (speaking of obsessions – HOW could we not see Ronan Farrow is CLEARLY his kid?!) I got hooked on listening to the Cole Porter station on Pandora and when I saw The Fault in our Stars instead of getting all swoony for teen dream boat Augustus I kept thinking, “can we spend more time with Hazel’s parents? Because they seem really fun and awesome.” I’d like to think it was just residual feelings for Sam Trammell now that I’ve missed the last few seasons of True Blood – but I think it’s because I’m Your Grandma and Laura Dern seems really fun to hang out with (even when she’s pretending her daughter is dying of cancer so bravo for that specialized talent!)

But! I quoted the Backstreet Boys up above AND just saw them in concert (and got to keep my  Concert Bitch in check) and because Boy Bands are Never Not Awesome. I have some fun news coming up in the next week so I hope you’ll welcome me back into the big wide blogging world and that I remember how to link shit 🙂


Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

6 thoughts on “Oh my god I’m back again!

  1. I’ll admit that I fell for Augustus Waters’ charms wholeheartedly and deeply. The body count of teen and pre-teen girls (and inner teen girls like moi!) who died from ovarian explosions after watching the film must have been covered up by the government it was so extensive. As a matter of fact, one of my friends Nazrene has recently exposed her fangirly side after I mentioned Gus idly in conversation, so my mini obsession was worth it after all because we’ve been caught up in an explosion of feels together over our various fandoms. 😀

  2. welcome back my darling girl so look forward to hearing your life in lovely giant house-love L

  3. Yay! Welcome back! I’m so glad to hear you and the beau are happy and thriving, and just generally kicking ass all around. I think it’s natural for people to experience changes in tastes and interests, as their lives change and develop. Those changes are necessary to our “development, and make us better writers . . . I think. Because we still appreciate the same things we did back in the “olden days.” But we view those passions, with a bit more wisdom, objectivity and life perspective.

    Also real boys . . . they tend to reign in our perspective on things like TV Boyfriends just a little bit, bringing us back down to earth. (By the way, your boyfriend’s a writer right? Ever consider doing a tandem he said / she said blog entry? I’ve always wondered what the straight male perspective is on Pacey Witter, for example.) Truth be told, I briefly dated a guy who claimed to be as into Dawson’s Creek as I was (we even watched the finale together) . . . but all my friends told me he just lied about it to get in my pants. I refuse to believe that!

    Speaking of TV Boyfriends, I found a film I think that even your new mature self could appreciate. Look1 It’s Emo Schmidt in New!Big Chill . . .

    Pour in a little Nick Miller, and I’d be in movie heaven!

    • Blogging Pal Julie!!! Thanks for the welcome back – coming from you it’s particularly sweet 🙂 Adam actually does video production not writing – but we have talked about doing projects together from time to time. I think part of my “cooling off” on some Pop Culture Things is that a lot of energy goes into Boring Homeowner Things that I didn’t expect and that the years I wrote this blog served a purpose I needed to fill at that point and now I feel less pressure to meet those needs. Whatever it is it is nice to be back and hear from people that I was missed which I also didn’t anticipate!

  4. Thanks loveaudrey! HOW fascinating is the Ronan Farrow story?? It’s one of those things that once Mia said it was SO OBVIOUS that now I can’t un-see it ;-0 Thanks for sticking around and reading!

  5. Nice to see you again! At least the reason you haven’t been blogging is that you are happy. I do love that you brought up Ronan Farrow. This was an obsession of mine this past spring – anyone who would listen would have to hear my opinion on his paternity. I end up back out here now and then because of Brandon Flowers and Joel McHale. Looking forward to future posts even if they are sporadic!

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