she liked Imaginary Men best of all

25 “Imaginary Men”

25 Days of 25 “Imaginary Men

Day 1: Brandon Lee

Day 2: Taylor Hanson

Day 3: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Day 4: Robbie Williams

Day 5: Keanu Reeves

Day 6: Joel McHale

Day 7: Brad Pitt

Day 8: David Duchovny

Day 9: Luke Perry

Day 10: Rick Springfield

Day 11: Jonathan Jackson

Day 12: River Phoenix

Day 13: Tim Daly

Day 14: James Dean

Day 15: John Taylor

Day 16: Jason Bateman

Day 17: Paul Rudd

Day 18: Matt Damon

Day 19: Nathan Fillion

Day 20: Ewan McGregor

Day 21: George Clooney

Day 22: Neil Patrick Harris

Day 23: Joshua Jackson

Day 24: Brandon Flowers

Day 25: Larry Mullen Jr.

8 thoughts on “25 “Imaginary Men”

  1. Hmmm…I go for the frontman in U2 myself 😉
    And how did Craig Ferguson not make this list? I saw your “Check Ze Tweets” and thought he’s be a shoe-in!

    • I think my interest in Craig may have come after I did this list. Also to qualify it had to be a guy I’ve had some sort of crush on (or had in the past) for awhile. That said, Joseph Gordon-Levitt kind of snuck in there ;-0

  2. Good for her- I think @U2 has as many readers as the official U2 page!

    • Yeah she was pretty thrilled – well deserved too! And yes – we’re likely the same age without divulging The Scary Number in public ;-0

  3. Ok, I’m scared. Seriously. Are we related somehow?

    That list is beautiful- top to bottom. You hit all my major crushes through the years from John Taylor (!!!) to Nathan Fillion. Joey!

    • Really? How cool! Do you watch “The Vampire Diaries”? Mb we’re Dopplegangers 😉

      I saw Duran Duran again a few weeks ago and even though MyHusbandJohnTaylor (as he’s known in these parts) is looking older, he’s still got that jawline that could cut glass!!

      Oh Joey Buchanan! I’m so happy he’s finally FINALLY getting the success I’ve been telling people he deserved for years!!

      Out of curiosity – how did you find my blog? I hope you’ll be back – your comments all CMU!

      • Another scary thing: I think we’re the same age. Wild, right?

        I followed Jill from the Examiner to this wonderful blog. I’ve had so much fun reading it and looking at the prettiness. It is one of my daily stops! Keep up the GREAT work!

        Oh, I turned my cousin onto this blog and she went on and on about Flowers Friday. I was a hero!

      • That’s great that you found me via The Awesome Jill. You know she writes for @U2 now, yes? And converting people into Flowers Fanatics is one of the greatest joys of my life – I’m glad you could bask in the glow ;->

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