she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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I’ve written a book!

So it is clear that my attention to this blog has fallen by the wayside the last few years. There are many reasons for that including, but not limited to: a real, non-imaginary-man boyfriend, a house and a dog.

There is another reason that will be far more interesting to you which is that I have been writing a book! If you’ve liked what goes on here (when things were, you know, actually going on) then I guarantee you will like

The Fangirl Files

True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

The book is an expansion of this blog so if you enjoyed my tales of chasing Brandon Flowers on his Flamingo Tour, unapologetic love for Boy Bands, devotion to Pacey Witter and all things that celebrate being a Fangirl then get your copy and join the Fangirling Revolution!

May I interest in you a fabulous book trailer?

Buy now in Paperback or Kindle!

And follow along with #fangirlfilesbook on my social media (just look over there to the right, and up, and there you are!)


The way that you drop your cash gets me overwhelmed

A few weeks ago I was in NYC for the day and discovered that One Direction has their own store!


Apparently it is a “pop-up store” which means it’s not permanent and is probably cashing in on the current 1D hysteria/Christmas shopping season. And while that’s lovely for all the One Directions fans I want to know how come we never had a Backstreet Boys Store?!?!? We had to make our own damn Christmas stockings and nesting dolls!

In related news I’ve decided that Pretty Boy Louis Tomlinson is who my Inner 14 YO girl would be writing “Mrs. Louis Tomlinson” all over her notebooks for. However, my actual grown-ass woman self wishes he’d do something about his hair:



I just – what is happening up there Louis? Cut it and spike it and I’ll run out to your store and buy your doll!


Oh and since every good Fangirl has to have a back-up I choose Liam Payne who looks kind of thuggish but still adorable:



Long Live the Boy Band!!!!


Mullen Monday: Best Skirts EVER!!

This summer I stopped by a local music festival with The World’s Best Boyfriend and while he was snapping some pics, I strolled over to browse the arts and crafty area. The very first thing that caught my eye was this:

Um yes THAT IS A U2 SKIRT!! And not just any U2 skirt but one from the Achtung Baby era which is of course only my FAVORITE U2 ALBUM EVER!!!!

This masterpiece is the creation of Sardine Clothing Company and it’s called a “T-Skirt” because it’s made out of old t-shirts and it’s just as comfortable as one! Their creator Maryanne is also a U2 fan and had some other tour shirts in her stash so she created this one for me to give to the Awesome Jill for her birthday:


That one has TWICE the U2 and Jill was absolutely thrilled. Maryanne also does custom orders – you just send her the shirts – so don’t think I haven’t been going through my tour shirt collection to figure out the perfect creation 😉

My only disappointment is that there is no U2 tour coming up for me to twirl around in this because let me tell you, anytime I wear it I get plenty of compliments and attention because It. Is. Awesome.


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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂


New Kids: Melt in your mouth, not in your hands

My friend Karen has a New Kids on the Block fanclub membership – and look what they send members for Valentine’s Day!:


What a brilliant idea!! I wonder if anyone else has ever had the idea of Crush Crafting band m&m’s before?

Oh yes, that would be ME!!! 


Don’t LEAVE ME Downton Abbey!!!!!!

Well, that was bitter (Bates) sweet (Matthew and Mary.) Now what the hell am I supposed to do with myself until S3 of Downton Abbey?!!?

Perhaps I’ll collect all these and play Downton Abbey with my friends:


How brilliant IS THAT?!?!??? I love that all her expressions are exactly the same pursed lip disapproval! I hope the artist Kyle Hilton makes some more. There totally needs to be a Daisy/Mrs. Patmore set and obviously Anna/Mr. Bates 😉

I wonder if my Dowager Countess paper doll would get along with my Peter Pacey paper doll? At the very least she’d have to admire his dapper pea coat!


These are a few of my favorite things

I had a lovely Christmas which included an Irish Breakfast:

Irish bacon, sausage and brown bread

An English Trifle:

Ladyfingers soaked in sherry, Bird's custard, jam, whipped cream and raspberries

A relaxing day watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey with my mom (that would be the DVD she got me and a “Biscuit Jar” to keep by the side of my bed, like the ladies of Downton Abbey):

Only Cadbury biscuits of course!!

And some wicked cool presents!:

S3 PiningPacey is the BEST Pacey!


Thanks to Heather for the ornament and my mom for the Royal Tea Tin!


Not one, but TWO “Mrs. Brandon Flowers” signs!

Thank you Felicity and Lauren!!

A very Merry Christmas for 2011 I must say. I’m such a lucky girl 😉


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Parks and Rec: Andy’s Mouth Surprise!

Look what I’m giving my Parks and Recreation fangirl work-friends for Christmas:

Pawnee mugs overflowing with Andy Dwyer’s favorite “sandwich” makings which would be Skittles between two Starbursts aka Andy’s Mouth Surprise.

It’s gonna be awesomesauce!


Flowers Friday: When I met The Man edition

A year ago today was the start of what got dubbed Freezing for Flowers – the winter leg of Brandon Flowers Flamingo tour which involved lots of standing around (LOTS!!) in freezing cold temperatures along the Eastern Seaboard. It was a week of pure insanity but so tremendously fun and exciting and worth every minute of losing sensation in my extremities!

I was lucky enough – starting with a year ago tonight in Boston – to get to meet Brandon and since I’ve never written a post about it here I thought the first anniversary of that surreal moment was probably a good time. It will explain how my worship of him is not just about the music and the lusting!

The logistics of the meeting are basically that we were freezing – and then we got invited to meet Brandon! (yes, invited! Crazy right??) I was with Sarah and Jackie and we did not know what to expect. In retrospect we all thought that someone would meet us and ask what we wanted signed, would go get it from him, and then come back and give it to us. Not that he’d actually be standing there all nicely showered and Sharpie in hand just WAITING TO MEET US!

So we meet Brandon Flowers – and here’s the thing – that guy on stage who is so brash and in command and strutting all over the place like the Rock Star he was born to be – is nothing like that in person: he’s very quiet and shy and when you get over the shock that you’re meeting him (did I mention he was just STANDING THERE WAITING FOR US?!??) you have to adjust to the shock that he’s not That Guy on Stage.

I will say I was totally well-behaved and didn’t freak out or scream in his face or molest him or anything. He could not have been more gracious to us and I was in no way going to mess that up by going full-on Fangirl in his (pretty) face. I was lucky a few more times that week to be “granted an audience” and whether or not he ever remembered me – he was always unfailingly polite and generous with his time.

So I love him for lots of reasons that can be found all over this blog. But these experiences made me truly appreciate him beyond the talent and the looks: he is such a genuinely nice man. He gives a firm handshake and looks you right in the eye as you’re talking to him. He leans in to listen and he answers questions honestly and never makes you feel like you’re a total dope for rattling on to him about some sort of Crafty Thing you’ve gifted him with, or how much you love the album, or how great the show was.

So I love his voice and his music, I think he’s probably the most Beautiful Man I’ve Ever Seen, but beyond all that he’s a really good person – and I think that above all is what makes him so worthy of all the time and attention and adoration that I – and so many others – give him.

(dedicated with love to the whole Freezing for Flowers 2010 crew: Sarah, Jill, Jackie, Lauren, Kimberly, Martha, Nancy and JoAnne – xoxo – Amy)