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The way that you drop your cash gets me overwhelmed

A few weeks ago I was in NYC for the day and discovered that One Direction has their own store!


Apparently it is a “pop-up store” which means it’s not permanent and is probably cashing in on the current 1D hysteria/Christmas shopping season. And while that’s lovely for all the One Directions fans I want to know how come we never had a Backstreet Boys Store?!?!? We had to make our own damn Christmas stockings and nesting dolls!

In related news I’ve decided that Pretty Boy Louis Tomlinson is who my Inner 14 YO girl would be writing “Mrs. Louis Tomlinson” all over her notebooks for. However, my actual grown-ass woman self wishes he’d do something about his hair:



I just – what is happening up there Louis? Cut it and spike it and I’ll run out to your store and buy your doll!


Oh and since every good Fangirl has to have a back-up I choose Liam Payne who looks kind of thuggish but still adorable:



Long Live the Boy Band!!!!

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Original Olympic Boyfriend!

Before there was English Diving Hottie Tom Daley:


(Who BTW can do THIS!!! HOT!!!!) There was American Diving GOD Greg Louganis:


Kids Today probably don’t know Louganis very well but I L-O-V-E-D him! Not only was he beautiful with that gorgeous body – but he was an incredible and graceful athlete. He won 4 gold medals and excelled at both springboard and platform. And not only that but in 1988 at the Olympics in Seoul he hit his head on the board and then less than an hour later got back up and not only dived again but later went on to win a gold medal. Did you catch that? He won a gold medal diving off a high platform and hitting water at a crazy speed WITH A HEAD WOUND!!!

That’s some impressive sportsmanship. I saw him in the audience for the Men’s Synchronized Diving this week and squealed when I saw him. I will always heart Greg Louganis – Original Olympic Boyfriend!


(I don’t think my 16 YO self could have fully appreciated THIS photo!)

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Vampire Killer

Stupid Whole Foods! WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT??!?

Don’t they know sexy, pretty, pouty vampire boys make my the world go ’round??

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Drive faster, boy

I watched Drive this weekend. I thought the opening sequence was brilliant but I didn’t love the rest of the movie. What I did love is how freakin’ HOT Ryan Gosling was in it! Leather Driving Gloves! Big Hot Sexy Watches! Form Fitting Dirty T-shirts! Satin Scorpion Jackets!:


In fact I may have gone a little crazy on Twitter about it:

Next up on the list: Ides of March and SUITS!

I know what you want, I'm gonna take you to a Midnight Show tonight...


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Like scoring two touchdowns in the final minutes of the State Championship, Friday Night Lights showed some of that Texas spirit and didn’t go down without a fight last night at the Emmys!:

Best Actor in a Drama!!!!!!!


AND Best Writing Drama Series!!!! Goddamn y’all!! It’s ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like basically anyone who ever watched and loved this show, I was screaming and cheering last night at these wins as if it was Friday night in Dillon Texas. Never in the history of EVER (and that’s not hyperbole people) has there been a show more deserving of accolades and official recognition as this beautiful little heart of a show. The love and attention that went into every character, every story arc, every episode for five seasons was like a gift.

I said this previously about FNL:

This is what this show does so well – it makes these characters real. It makes them dimensional, believable people that you care about – you root for them, you pray that they don’t make bad decisions or get caught in circumstances beyond their control and when they do – you weep for them (at least my mom and I do. I don’t think there was one episode this season that didn’t make me cry like a baby at some point.) Yes I know that they are not real – but the fact that it seems like they could be is what makes this show so emotionally resonant.

And that still stands today. I’m as proud and excited for these wins as I was of Smash and Tyra getting into college, of Jason getting a job to support his family in New York, of Vince surviving his dad and his neighborhood, of Tim Riggins for buying that piece of land to build his dreams on. They may not be real people, but these two Emmys ARE real as hell!!

It was also thrilling to see Dillon Alum Scott “Six” Porter tweeting his congrats:

That just proves that the Man behind the Coach is as decent, honorable, kind, loving and tough as we hoped he would be. I would have loved a second one-two punch of Best Actress for Connie Britton (where is Coach with out Tami Taylor y’all??) and Best Drama, but you know what? This is still as sweet as victory over Arnett-Meade 😉

So if I haven’t convinced you (and why not? I’ve convinced at least three people stateside and two internationally to watch!) then please listen to the Academy of Arts and Sciences whose entire JOB is to decide what is The Best!

P.S. If you’re a “Dillon Superteam” fan than you also were screeching, “LANDRY!! MATTY!! VINCE!!” at Jane Lynch’s opening number!!


The Vampire Diaries: Two more days! Two more days!!

We’re only a few days away from the S3 premiere of The Vampire Diaries, and we here at Imaginary Men and TV Recappers Anonymous are really REALLY EXCITED!!

Why Klaus, are you going sailing after a long day of murder and mayhem?


How excited are we? Well we spent quite a bit of time deconstructing the latest trailer that premiered last week and then we did some guessing/predicting/fantasizing about what we think we may see in the new season. The results of our TVD BrainTrust can be found at Awesome Blogging Pal Julie’s site:

The Vampire Diaries Pre-Season 3 Redux


And if you like what you read there, then come join us this Thursday 8PM EST for our Annual TVD Season Premiere Liveblog!! It’s a Fangirl extravaganza full of smart snark, loving mockage, and lots and lots of demands for shirtlessness!

Click here to see the fun that was had at our last LiveBlog for the S2 finale As I Lay Dying. If that’s not enough of a showcase of our Vampire Loving Fangirlie Blogger ways, then I recommend:

Our 4-Part Summer Series on Stefan, Ripper Redux

…and our discussion of Brothers Originals vs. Brothers Salvatore. By the time you get done with all that reading, S3 will finally be here which pleases Klaus 😉



The Vampire Diaries’ Brothers Salvatore vs. Brothers Originals

Want to hear some good news? Less than TWO WEEKS until The Vampire Diaries S3 premiere!!

Awesome Blogging Pal Julie and I spent the first part of the summer hiatus sobbing into our cocktails about how much we missed the Hot, Often Shirtless, Sometimes Wet Denizens of Mystic Falls:

Source: a Tumblr I forgot to cite bc I was too busy drooling - sorry!

Then True Blood came on with the Hot, Often Shirtless, Sometimes Wet denizens of Bon Temps:

Oh Amnesia Eric I love how you even forgot to wear shirts!


But then we got back to work and did our Fabulous Four Part Ripper Redux Series about Stefan Salvatore’s path from good guy, to bad vampire, to good vampire, to bad vampire, to good vampire, to dot, dot, dot (as Damon would say!)You can read the whole series here.

Now we bring you a look at a topic sure to be a biggie this season – Damon and Stefan Salvatore (Vampire Brothers 2.0) and Klaus and Elijah “Original” (Vampire Brothers 1.0) So stop your reading, start your clicking and go to TV Recappers’ Anonymous for:

The Vampire Diaries’ Klaus/Elijah vs. Damon/Stefan (and it’s all just a little bit of history repeating…)

Team Ripper toast to brotherhood!



If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me

So I’m a little very excited for S3 of The Vampire Diaries because of the coming of Team Ripper!! As you know, I’m more than a little charmed by Big Bad WereVamp Klaus as played by the delightful Joseph Morgan. In doing research for Julie and my Ripper Redux series, I found this picture and pretty much fell to the couch swooning like some Victorian lady struck by the vapors:


OH THE PRETTY!!! As if there wasn’t ENOUGH eye candy on this show!! And this piece is ENGLISH so he’s like the Cadbury of TVD! And on top of all the Sexy Evilness and English Prettiness, today he was Tweeting lyrics from a song I absolutely love:

Florence + the Machine’s Howl. That song is so dark and sexy and obsessive:

if you could only see / the beast you’ve made of me / i’ve held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free / screaming in the dark / i howl when we’re apart / drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

If that isn’t a perfect anthem for a vampire/werewolf hybrid than I don’t know what is.

You can hear the song here in the busy, pretentious, confusing, bizarre video:

I am pretty sure Klaus is going to do all sorts of terrible, cruel, evil deeds to the Salvatore Brothers and the rest of Mystic Falls and I will STILL be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to love him 😉

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Cute Boy Alert!!: Joseph Morgan = Salvatores who?

My love for Vampire Diaries Brothers Salvatore is well documented here (and in my house.) But lately that devotion is being severely challenged by another denizen of Mystic Falls:


(I don’t remember where I snagged this from because I was so giddy about it that I forgot to bookmark it!)

Klaus is a bad ass mofo Original Vampire which means he’s bigger, badder and more powerful than all the other vamps IN THE WORLD! And he certainly proved all that and more by waltzing into Mystic Falls at the end of S2 bringing all sorts of murder, mayhem and generally terrible behaviors with him.

But much like another vampire in town, Klaus is highly entertaining to watch – cool, sexy, snarky and delightfully twisted. I mean – he sadistically tormented Stefan Salvatore into joining his one two man VampWolf Pack (Oh did I mention that he’s half werewolf too. Suck on THAT Twilight!) And yet he did it with such charm and devilishness that instead of freaking out, I’m totally excited for Team Ripper to begin their Path of Corruption Tour ’11!

In real life the actor playing Klaus – Joseph Morgan – could not be more delightful and excited about his role. For one thing he often tweets hilariously “in character”. For another – I think him and new wingman Stefan (Paul Wesley) are having an awful lot of fun with their new partnership:

And in interviews he is so enthusiastic and thoughtful about his role:

AND SO DREAMY!! I do love me Pretty English Boys AND he’s already doffed his shirt in the season finale! Oh Salvatoresyou know I love you but you best be bringing your A-Game to Season 3 😉

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Cute Boy Alert!: Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster

In case you haven’t heard, I love me some Parks & Recreation. And while it is hard to shake my devotion to Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson, new budget guy and former “Boy Mayor” Ben Wyatt is certainly doing his best to make me love him.

Adam Scott came on as Ben late in S2 and has done something rather impressive – which is fit so seamlessly into a pretty perfect cast it seems as he’s been there from the start. Ben is adorably dorky with a pitch perfect deadpan that is needed in the wacky world of Pawnee. His little crush on Leslie is sweet as is his inability to speak publicly without making a total ass of himself.

How cute is he modeling raincoats in this month’s GQ!:


And what’s that? He’s in a movie called Friends with Kids starring Jon Hamm? YES PLEASE!


Guess I’ve got some Party Down to catch up on!