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A girl walks into a bar…

Today I discovered the feature on Facebook that lets you look at an archive of your old posts and status updates. I randomly selected April 2012 and scanned through to see that I sure posted a lot about food, Downton Abbey and Ewan McGregor!

I also found a status I posted on a day I clearly remember for a very important reason:

I have been so useless today. I’m supposed to go out now even though I’d rather go to bed, I’m so exhausted by my uselessness ;-p

That Saturday is still very vivid in my mind: I wasted a lot of time doing nothing at my apartment. Then I went grocery shopping and in the parking lot I ordered out and picked up my dinner on my way home (I was too lazy to cook what I just bought!) then I got comfy on my couch eating take-out and catching up on my DVR. I was due to go see my friend’s band at 10PM and that’s probably near when I posted this.

I really did NOT want to go but I was a single girl with no good excuse to bail on seeing friends on a Saturday night. The gig was about 5 minutes from my house and I could be home in two hours tops.


And that’s what happened – despite being cranky and texting on my phone a cute guy bravely walked up to me to say hi and introduced himself and like that – my life changed forever. I would have missed out on meeting The World’s Best Boyfriend and nearly a year’s worth of discovering what it really means to meet that one person who is your perfect fit because I thought getting out of comfy pants and away from Revenge was too much effort.

Earlier that same month I posted a quote from The World’s Ultimate TV Boyfriend, Mr. Pacey Witter:

You want to know something Miss Josephine Potter? I think the world just may surprise you yet. I mean you fall in love, and it doesn’t work out, you think it will never happen, but it does, believe me it does, in the strangest of places.

So what’s my lesson here? 1. Always Listen to Pacey!! and 2. Get off your ass and make things happen. Sweet, handsome, loving, supportive-of-your-Boy-Band-obsession-bring-you-cookies-and-make-you-dinner-guys don’t just knock on your door and ask if you’re available!! You have to do the work and put in the time and sometimes whether it’s a project, job, goal or a boy – really lovely things happen.




Boy Bands on a Beach

What’s more fun than going to the beach to sit in the sun, splash in the water, eat potato chips and read trashy magazines with your friends? How about watching pretty, often wet, sometimes shirtless singing dancing boys plead for your love and pledge undying devotion?

I give you – Boy Bands on a Beach!

‘NSync: For the Girl Who Has Everything

First rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: White wardrobe!

98 Degrees: Because of You

Second rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Dramatic emoting!

New Kids on the Block: Summertime

Third rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Tank tops and shirtlessness! (Thanks Joe Mac!)

LFO: Summer Girls

4th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Skinny girls in bikinis!

The Wanted: Glad You Came

5th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Let’s PARTY!!!!

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

And let’s give it to the little fellas of 1D for the PERFECT Boy Band on a Beach video featuring all the required elements!!

(I meant to post this over the summer beach season – but technically summer isn’t over yet despite the fact I’m wearing flannel today!)


These are a few of my favorite things

I had a lovely Christmas which included an Irish Breakfast:

Irish bacon, sausage and brown bread

An English Trifle:

Ladyfingers soaked in sherry, Bird's custard, jam, whipped cream and raspberries

A relaxing day watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey with my mom (that would be the DVD she got me and a “Biscuit Jar” to keep by the side of my bed, like the ladies of Downton Abbey):

Only Cadbury biscuits of course!!

And some wicked cool presents!:

S3 PiningPacey is the BEST Pacey!


Thanks to Heather for the ornament and my mom for the Royal Tea Tin!


Not one, but TWO “Mrs. Brandon Flowers” signs!

Thank you Felicity and Lauren!!

A very Merry Christmas for 2011 I must say. I’m such a lucky girl 😉



Why TV Boys Do It Better

Thanks to adorkable Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, I’ve been reminded of a Dreamy TV Boy Move that I adore: the wildly romantic Grab and Kiss.

Ben and Felicity: this NEVER stops being swoonworthy!

Ultimate TVBoyfriend Pacey and Joey: I am STILL cursing that cutaway!

Jim and Pam: coming on the heels of Jim’s heartbreaking confession, this was a doozy

Ben and Leslie: Go Ben GO!!

Ben and Leslie again!


(I recommend watching the whole scene here because it is heartbreaking and tender and sweet and all around lovely)

You know what is best about this move? It’s decisive. Not enough Real Life Boys are decisive in my experience. Lots of hemming and hawing and waiting for the girl (ME) to do all the damn work. Not these fellas, they take the initiative and spontaneously show the object of their affection what they want and what she means to them.

SWOON with a capital S-W-O-O-N!


Dreamy Boys of the ’90s

Between Pearl Jam nostalgia yesterday, and today’s EW article about Dean Cain and his TV movie career – I’ve been feeling very 90s. It was the decade I graduated high school, went to college, transferred colleges, graduated college, moved to Los Angeles, moved to Boston, wore a lot of flannel and long patterned dresses with Doc Martins, and fanny packs (!) and denim overall SHORTS.

Of course being ME, I also had crushes on Cute Famous Boys (covering my dorm walls with them floor to ceiling!) Some of them continue until this day (paging Pacey Witter!), some still make me smile even if the heart doesn’t pitter patter as hard (lookin’ good Luke Perry!), and some listed below were just passing fancies:

Dean Cain

Oh how I LOVED Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman! (I even worked on the same studio lot and once got to make a call from inside a phone both in Metropolis!) Dean Cain was an All-American Boy who looked exotic and crushed on Lois adorably, while looking good shirtless, of course 😉 I got to meet him once at a charity event and he could not have been sweeter.

Matthew Perry

Oh Miss Chanandler Bong – how I loved you!! I was OBSESSED with Friends in its first few seasons and the major focus of my love was snarky Chandler and his Original Bromance with Joey. They filmed at that same studio lot and I found many reasons to walk by his TV Star Porsche parked outside their soundstage. I met him too – a few times (stalker much?) and even have a picture with him that my mom had framed on her wall for years and would answer “yes” when asked, “is that your daughter and her boyfriend?”

Chris O'Donnell

This crush probably started with Circle of Friends (so swoony and Irish!) and ended RIGHT after he was Robin in whatever Batman he was in. He just made a really hot superhero sidekick, IMO.

Brendan Fraser

Abs. ‘Nuff said. And he has not aged well, sadly.

Jason and Jeremy London

Ohhhh the London Twins. One was in Dazed and Confused, the other was my TVBoyfriend Griffin on Party of Five (I could never remember who was who then, I’m not gonna start now.) They were very pretty and decent actors – and double the eye candy! But the one that was Griffin was my favorite because he was such a wounded loser/loner with dead sister issues and romantic yearning for annoying Julia Salinger. These boys have ended up real Hollywood tragedy stories which is a waste of such Pretty and TVBoyfriend goodness.

Ben Affleck

Oh BEN. How much did I love you in Good Will Hunting? A LOT. I wanted you to show up at my door every morning with an offering from Dunkin’ Donuts. He was everything I liked – tall, dark and handsome, chiseled jaw, good hair and funny – oh man, remember when Ben Affleck was funny?! Then Bennifer I happened and he was so douchey. Then Bennifer II happened and he got so boring. (And in-between Jason Motherfuckin’ Bourne happened, and my affections transferred to Matty.) However, I am reserving the right to move Ben off this list given how hot he was in The Town (how do you like them apples?)


The Vampire Diaries: S2 Finale & Second Annual Multi-Fangirl-LiveBlog!

It’s that time of year again: the season finale of The Vampire Diaries (boo!!) and the 2nd Annual (but 4th total) finale LiveBlog with me, TV Recappers Anonymous recapper extraordinaire Julie, and My Spidey Sense is Tingling fantastic fangirl Cherie!

Come back and click HERE Thursday, May 12 at 8PM EST to follow along as we (virtually) gasp, curse, cry, laugh, snark, jump off our couches screaming “HOLY SHIT!!!” (ok, maybe that’s just me) and scream “don’t die Damon!!!!” at our television sets and on our laptops.

For a taste of what this Multi-Fangirl-LiveBlogging-Sensation is like, click here for the one we did this winter.

And a note “from legal” (i.e. Julie): A LiveBlog is not the same thing as a LiveStream.  Unfortunately, the technology we have available to us from CoverItLive does not allow us to stream the episode to other viewers, over the internet.  It provides ”chat” services only.  There are a number of other websites that will stream the episode for you, of course.  However, us fangirls don’t have the resources – or the necessary legal approval – to offer you that particular service.


A World Without Pacey = Gasp! Shock! HORROR!!!

So after 3 seasons and several posts of how I only watch for the Pacey Coat Porn, I have to admit I am finally enjoying Fringe. I think because there has been more focus on the relationships (Peter Pacey and Walter, Peter Pacey and Olivia, Peter Pacey and FauxLivia – see a pattern?) and that I’ve abandoned all hope of ever understanding what the fuck is going on with the alterna-universes.

Anyway the finale left me gasping because… (SPOILER ALERT! If you care and you didn’t see it stop now!)

….It ended with Peter Pacey never even existing!! He just faded from view and no one seemed to care, and then – apparently (I’m not getting into it because as I said – I have no clue) it was revealed that no one noticed because he was never there – he never existed at all.


This cliffhanger caused Television Without Pity to pose this horrific question: What if Fringe star Joshua Jackson had never existed?

Well let me tell you, a world without this:

Or this:

Is no world I want ANY part of!!

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Cute Boy Alert!: Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster

In case you haven’t heard, I love me some Parks & Recreation. And while it is hard to shake my devotion to Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson, new budget guy and former “Boy Mayor” Ben Wyatt is certainly doing his best to make me love him.

Adam Scott came on as Ben late in S2 and has done something rather impressive – which is fit so seamlessly into a pretty perfect cast it seems as he’s been there from the start. Ben is adorably dorky with a pitch perfect deadpan that is needed in the wacky world of Pawnee. His little crush on Leslie is sweet as is his inability to speak publicly without making a total ass of himself.

How cute is he modeling raincoats in this month’s GQ!:


And what’s that? He’s in a movie called Friends with Kids starring Jon Hamm? YES PLEASE!


Guess I’ve got some Party Down to catch up on!


Pacey Coat Porn!!

If you follow this blog you know two things about Josh Jackson:

1. Pacey is my UltimateTVBoyfriend

2. The man can wear a coat like no one’s business

Yet somehow I am TWO YEARS behind on the fact that GQ had a sexy ass photospread that’s like my total fantasy: PACEY MODELING COATS!!!


This one has to be my favorite though:

HNNNNNGG!!!! You’ve come a long way from the Brown Coat of Lust baby!!

Thanks to Blogging Pal Cherie who showed me these pics and is having her own little BAMF GQ excitement at the moment.


Blogging Girls Gone Wild! Mystic Falls Edition

So fabulous Blogging Pal Julie and I made our reservations tonight to go here:

Oh yes, we’re going to Atlanta for a Vampire Diaries Convention!! Perhaps you’ve heard that we’re kinda big fangirls over the show, and this sexy vamp, and this sexy vamp, and other assorted denizens of mythical Mystic Falls, Virginia. The show shoots there so we’re also going to take a little tour and see the real places that act as the fake places on the show and probably squeal a lot.

EXCITING!!! I’ve never been to Atlanta, and Julie hasn’t taken a vacation in far too long – so it should be an adventure 😉 There’s even going to be a Masquerade Ball, which means I may have to whip out this saucy little number:

And we’re so happy that the show is coming back from Winter hiatus on Thursday, January 27th – that we’re doing another Live Blog to celebrate! Come join us at 8PM EST for swooning, snarking and god help us all if there isn’t some damn SHIRTLESSNESS already because no one likes unhappy fangirlie bloggers denied hot boys without shirts. NO ONE.