she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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I’ve written a book!

So it is clear that my attention to this blog has fallen by the wayside the last few years. There are many reasons for that including, but not limited to: a real, non-imaginary-man boyfriend, a house and a dog.

There is another reason that will be far more interesting to you which is that I have been writing a book! If you’ve liked what goes on here (when things were, you know, actually going on) then I guarantee you will like

The Fangirl Files

True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

The book is an expansion of this blog so if you enjoyed my tales of chasing Brandon Flowers on his Flamingo Tour, unapologetic love for Boy Bands, devotion to Pacey Witter and all things that celebrate being a Fangirl then get your copy and join the Fangirling Revolution!

May I interest in you a fabulous book trailer?

Buy now in Paperback or Kindle!

And follow along with #fangirlfilesbook on my social media (just look over there to the right, and up, and there you are!)

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Sad, sad, SADNESS

I’m sad today – just like so many millions of people around the world are. My gut reaction to hearing about Robin Williams death on Monday took me by surprise. When I told my boyfriend only minutes after finding out, I burst into unexpected tears. I did not know the man but I felt a sharp and painful loss instantly as if I had just lost a family friend.

That his death was not an accident or a sudden illness made it that much harder to comprehend. How can a person who spent nearly his entire life making people happy struggle so hard to find happiness within himself? I don’t make any claims on knowing or understanding depression or addiction like he suffered from. I can’t envision a feeling so dark and overwhelming that it obliterates any reason and makes you choose the worst possible option on the table. But it makes me so very sad that someone who made us all so very happy felt exactly that hopeless on Monday morning.

I was born in the 70’s and am a child of the 80’s. Mork from Ork made me chortle and giggle from 6-10 years old. So really – can you blame me for feeling like I lost an old friend? I literally grew up with Robin Williams. Just like the 80’s born children of the 90’s embrace him as Mrs. Doubtfire and the Genie in Aladdin. He’s part of so many childhoods – so many teenhoods spent with tears running down our faces as we laughed ourselves sick at his stand-up (even if some of the sex and drugs jokes went over our heads.) He was brilliant and insane and when he showed up on a talk show or entered the scene in one of his (comedy) movies, you’d always whisper an “Oh no!” not of negativity but of breathless anticipation of what sort of lunacy was about to be unleashed from his marvelous brain and agile body.

While I can’t quote him off the top of my head, I can say with certainty that some of the first times in my life I ever laughed myself into a tear-faced, possible wet-pantsed, air-gasping, stomach-aching, body-shuddering laughter was because of Robin Williams. We have all lost so much. He has lost his battle with such darkness in his soul, his family has lost a father and husband, his friends – his fans – his charities – the film industry – we all lost this week. We lost BIG. 

To people who think, “Why would anyone get upset about the death of a celebrity they didn’t even know?” I point you to Twitter where people are standing on their desks in an #OhCaptainMyCaptain salute, or to my beautiful friend Sarah’s ferocious rant to depression, or Chris Gethard’s essay on his own encounter with Williams, or to Boston where locals are scrawling a memorial on his Good Will Hunting bench. We didn’t have to know Robin Williams personally to mourn his terrible death when we grew up with him, he made us laugh, he cheered us up, he wore his heart on his sleeve for us all to see.

Like I said – I’m taken aback by my own grief at this senseless, stupid loss. I am so heartsick for a man who gave us so much joy and couldn’t find it in his own heart for himself. And I’m pissed that we will never again get to look forward to whatever new, ridiculous, hilarious Robin Williams Moments we might have gotten.

Rest in peace.

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The Sassy Librarian says:

My Heterosexual Life Partner Sarah wrote this fabulous post about the frustrations of online dating. I recommend you go read it it and giggle at how clever she is, and sigh at how depressing the dating pool is for us single girls!

The Sassy Librarian

Being single in the 21st century means having a profile on a dating website. My profile has a few pictures of me, a personal statement, answers to questions about various likes, what I do for fun, taste in music, books and t.v. The basic information one would blather about at a cocktail party. A cocktail party that you have willingly gone to despite the fact that you know no one. That kind of cocktail party. For those who want the down and dirty information about someone, it has a cheat sheet of  basic stats: age, level of education attained, job, diet preferences, drinking habits, and so on.

As you would imagine, my profile mentions that I am a high school librarian and enjoy writing. It also contains complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar, and the fact that I’m a grammar nerd despite the fact that I can’t spell well and make frequent grammatical errors…

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My International Boyfriends

You know what they say – have one in every port!:

My Irish Boyfriend

Chris O’Dowd (Source)

My French Boyfriend

Jean Dujardin (Source)

My English Boyfriend

Joseph Morgan (Source)

My Scottish Boyfriend

Ewan McGregor (Source)

My Australian Boyfriend

Ryan Kwanten (Source)

My Canadian Boyfriend

Joshua Jackson (Source)

I am currently taking applications for Italian, Spanish and Swedish Boyfriends 😉


Things I wouldn’t have to do if I lived at Downton Abbey

Like pretty much everyone in the free world, I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey. I watched last season and kept it on my DVR until Christmas, when I got the DVD and now my mom and I feverishly await each Sunday night like scone addicts in need of a fix.


My mom loves all the downstairs stuff – in a previous life she was a maid of some sort cleaning or cooking. I am fixated on the upstairs – the life of leisure and beautiful dresses. We figure that in a previous life I was a Lady of the Manor and she was my Ladies Maid and we were reunited in this life as mother and daughter!

Of course we HATE O’Brien! Who DOESN’T??


I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking up all the tedious things I would not have to do if Downton Abbey were a real place and I lived there as a real Lady.


Instead of doing all THIS stuff, I could focus on the very full schedule of taking strolls, tending to my correspondence, going to parties and having tea!

Things I Wouldn’t Have to do if I Lived at Downton Abbey

  • Make a grocery list
  • Buy groceries
  • Put groceries away
  • (basically anything involving groceries)
  • Make breakfast
  • Make lunch
  • Make dinner
  • (basically anything involving cooking)
  • Wash dishes
  • Sort laundry
  • Do laundry
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Clean the house
  • (particularly vacuuming, if they had vacuums at Downton)
  • Make my bed
  • Pick out my clothes
  • Select my accessories
  • Dress myself
  • Undress myself
  • Brush my hair
  • Do my hair
  • Shine my shoes
  • Drive to my job
  • Have a job
  • Warm my boots on a space heater before leaving my job
  • (basically any sort of job or labor of any sort)

I mean, I’m exhausted just reading that list and I have to do that crap ALL the time!! I would much rather get involved with village gossip and give in to the demanding rigors of having to stand there while my maid put on my dress and did my hair and fastened my jewelry!

But there is still some way that I can be a Downton Abbey Lady – and that’s by closely studying Dowager Countess Violet Crawley, played by such superb perfection by Dame Maggie Smith that I am thisclose to putting her on my Stalking List with all the rock stars and vampire boys 😉

I. LOVE. Her.


When I am an old lady I will wear enormous dramatic hats, purse my lips disapprovingly and say clever things so politely, that it will take people a moment to realize they’ve been insulted.

THIS is the life!!


If for some insane reason you are not watching Downton Abbey (and I can’t imagine what that reason would be, unless you Hate Things That Are Amazing or you are Thomas the Evil Footman), you can catch up here, you can buy Season 1, watch Season 2 on PBS and you can see what to expect from me when I am Dowager Countess Amy by watching this:

(and visit the Tom and Lorenzo blog where I snagged most of these fabulous pics!)


Brandon Off the Wall

Well look whose decided to go solo on the Wall of Men as well as in his career?

Thanks to Jill for holding Brandon up. These squares fall off my wall all the time – usually in the middle of the night – and it wakes me and I go oh, well. Hope it’s not a burglar, and go back to sleep!

As you can see, Jake and Jason booted Ewan and Matty.


Why isn’t Topher Grace more famous?

The first ad I saw for Valentine’s Day opened with Topher Grace and I went “Oh yay!! He’s in a movie!!” Then the rest revealed a cast of people I do not want to see in a movie (Kutcher, Alba, Biel, Roberts, gack).

Every once in awhile he pops up and I ask the above question. He’s cute, talented, charming and has great comedic timing. He did a good “asshole Topher Grace” in the Oceans movies, made a great pining-best-friend in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and got rave reviews for In Good Company. He really perfected his sweet/snark combo on That 70’s Show (a show, BTW that should have ended when Topher left! WHY were they still hanging in the Foreman’s basement without Eric??)

So I went on YouTube to do some research for this post and there are lots of “Topher Grace leaves Crown Night Club/Topher Grace at Villa” etc. etc. so perhaps that’s why he’s not more famous – he’s busy Young Hollywooding it up at cheesy celeb “hotspots”. Well that’s disappointing.


Victimised: The Victimisation continues

So my Killers campaign has been going swimmingly. Now not only is my mom fully on-board (having had her second viewing of RAH last week, at her request!) but she’s now working on others to become fans. She was encouraging a friend to check them out last week. I told her she should send her “Day and Age” for Christmas and she said “oh that’s a good idea” Yay!

She was also proud to report she made herself a “potato chip sandwich” based on this favorite of Brandon’s:

(oh Brandon I do love you, but English chocolate is so much better!)

Sarah continues to be my star pupil though. She’s loaded all the CD’s I’ve made her onto her iPod and listens to them in her car. She’s completely obsessed with Mark the bass player. None of the other Victims I know get this at all, but it makes sense to me. She always likes the guys that are a little different.

So far she’s texted me that she’s “looking for jobs in Las Vegas” and I receive fairly regular orders to send pictures and videos. I could not be more proud.

And tomorrow the new Christmas single “Happy Birthday Guadalupe” comes out! This should be a fine addition to The Killers annual demented Christmas tunes (I’ll be blogging about “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” soon.)