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A girl walks into a bar…

Today I discovered the feature on Facebook that lets you look at an archive of your old posts and status updates. I randomly selected April 2012 and scanned through to see that I sure posted a lot about food, Downton Abbey and Ewan McGregor!

I also found a status I posted on a day I clearly remember for a very important reason:

I have been so useless today. I’m supposed to go out now even though I’d rather go to bed, I’m so exhausted by my uselessness ;-p

That Saturday is still very vivid in my mind: I wasted a lot of time doing nothing at my apartment. Then I went grocery shopping and in the parking lot I ordered out and picked up my dinner on my way home (I was too lazy to cook what I just bought!) then I got comfy on my couch eating take-out and catching up on my DVR. I was due to go see my friend’s band at 10PM and that’s probably near when I posted this.

I really did NOT want to go but I was a single girl with no good excuse to bail on seeing friends on a Saturday night. The gig was about 5 minutes from my house and I could be home in two hours tops.


And that’s what happened – despite being cranky and texting on my phone a cute guy bravely walked up to me to say hi and introduced himself and like that – my life changed forever. I would have missed out on meeting The World’s Best Boyfriend and nearly a year’s worth of discovering what it really means to meet that one person who is your perfect fit because I thought getting out of comfy pants and away from Revenge was too much effort.

Earlier that same month I posted a quote from The World’s Ultimate TV Boyfriend, Mr. Pacey Witter:

You want to know something Miss Josephine Potter? I think the world just may surprise you yet. I mean you fall in love, and it doesn’t work out, you think it will never happen, but it does, believe me it does, in the strangest of places.

So what’s my lesson here? 1. Always Listen to Pacey!! and 2. Get off your ass and make things happen. Sweet, handsome, loving, supportive-of-your-Boy-Band-obsession-bring-you-cookies-and-make-you-dinner-guys don’t just knock on your door and ask if you’re available!! You have to do the work and put in the time and sometimes whether it’s a project, job, goal or a boy – really lovely things happen.



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Friday Night Fun Finds

I stayed up way too late on Friday but it was well worth it for the following discoveries:

For some reason that COMPLETELY ESCAPES ME – I just found out that Ultimate TVBoyfriend Peter Pacey Joshua Jackson is on Twitter!!!! He tweets a lot about hockey (which I don’t follow) and Fringe (which I never understand) but he also seems to respond to fans from time to time which threw me into quite a Fangirlie meltdown of excitement 😉

This is totally how he Tweets, right? In his undies??

On his feed I found links to a Fringe Photo Recap that had me giggling (and helped me understand a bit!) which led me to a Vampire Diaries Recap which had me literally laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and my abs hurt!

There were so many hilarious screencaps I wanted to save, but this one sums up the series for me these days:


MORE KLAUS PLEASE!!! For a “Season of Originals” we’re not seeing a whole lot of everyone’s favorite Hybrid Dick!

Now I really must get to bed.


These are a few of my favorite things

I had a lovely Christmas which included an Irish Breakfast:

Irish bacon, sausage and brown bread

An English Trifle:

Ladyfingers soaked in sherry, Bird's custard, jam, whipped cream and raspberries

A relaxing day watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey with my mom (that would be the DVD she got me and a “Biscuit Jar” to keep by the side of my bed, like the ladies of Downton Abbey):

Only Cadbury biscuits of course!!

And some wicked cool presents!:

S3 PiningPacey is the BEST Pacey!


Thanks to Heather for the ornament and my mom for the Royal Tea Tin!


Not one, but TWO “Mrs. Brandon Flowers” signs!

Thank you Felicity and Lauren!!

A very Merry Christmas for 2011 I must say. I’m such a lucky girl 😉



Why TV Boys Do It Better

Thanks to adorkable Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, I’ve been reminded of a Dreamy TV Boy Move that I adore: the wildly romantic Grab and Kiss.

Ben and Felicity: this NEVER stops being swoonworthy!

Ultimate TVBoyfriend Pacey and Joey: I am STILL cursing that cutaway!

Jim and Pam: coming on the heels of Jim’s heartbreaking confession, this was a doozy

Ben and Leslie: Go Ben GO!!

Ben and Leslie again!


(I recommend watching the whole scene here because it is heartbreaking and tender and sweet and all around lovely)

You know what is best about this move? It’s decisive. Not enough Real Life Boys are decisive in my experience. Lots of hemming and hawing and waiting for the girl (ME) to do all the damn work. Not these fellas, they take the initiative and spontaneously show the object of their affection what they want and what she means to them.

SWOON with a capital S-W-O-O-N!


Pacey Paper Dolls!!!!

OMG Look at these!!! Pacey Peter – fuck it – PACEY in paper doll format!!


First of all – there’s a tank top – LOVE!!!

Second of all – I seriously can’t even imagine what I would have done Back in the Day if there were official Pacey Paper Dolls. Imagine all the wee Hawaiian shirts I’d have to cut out?!

Third of all – the odds of me printing this and cutting out the beefy bare chested Peter Pacey to put on one of my Shelves o’ Obsession are pretty high, I’m not gonna lie.

(Thanks to Kelly, my partner in Pacey-Con adoration for bringing this awesomeness to my attention!)


A World Without Pacey = Gasp! Shock! HORROR!!!

So after 3 seasons and several posts of how I only watch for the Pacey Coat Porn, I have to admit I am finally enjoying Fringe. I think because there has been more focus on the relationships (Peter Pacey and Walter, Peter Pacey and Olivia, Peter Pacey and FauxLivia – see a pattern?) and that I’ve abandoned all hope of ever understanding what the fuck is going on with the alterna-universes.

Anyway the finale left me gasping because… (SPOILER ALERT! If you care and you didn’t see it stop now!)

….It ended with Peter Pacey never even existing!! He just faded from view and no one seemed to care, and then – apparently (I’m not getting into it because as I said – I have no clue) it was revealed that no one noticed because he was never there – he never existed at all.


This cliffhanger caused Television Without Pity to pose this horrific question: What if Fringe star Joshua Jackson had never existed?

Well let me tell you, a world without this:

Or this:

Is no world I want ANY part of!!


Ride that hog over here boy!

Tonight I watched a little independent Canadian movie called One Week staring my Ultimate TVBoyfriend Joshua Jackson:

The trailer makes it seem quirkier than it really is. It is actually the story of a young man who discovers he has Stage 4 cancer (this is not a spoiler, it’s the first scene in the movie!) and takes off on a spontaneous road trip to “live a life” before he becomes a patient and fights imminent death. It’s quite a love letter to Josh’s homeland of Canada – lots of magnificent scenery and gorgeous vistas. It made me want to visit Canada, and not just because you may meet a guy who looks like Pacey in a National Forest and get to have sex with him (although, they may want to add that to their travel literature 😉 )


It also has some lovely little Dawson’s Creek homages that fans will giggle at, as well as a Mighty Ducks one, and seeing as Josh was an exec producer I’m sure getting to shoot a scene with the Stanley Cup was probably up there on his Bucket List!

Oh and did I mention he’s super fucking HOT in it?!?! You know I love me some Pacey Coat Porn and he sure delivers in his sexy black biker jacket for the whole movie. And shirtlessness. Did I say shirtless? I meant to say Shirtless Sit-Ups. And on top of all that – he gives an incredible performance – you can tell it was a labor of love for him and as always, he played a character you just wanted to cuddle up to while he made you giggle.

This is in the dictionary next to "UNF"!


I will warn you though, you’ll likely spend most of the movie like I did whimpering “don’t die Pacey! don’t die!!”


Pacey Coat Porn!!

If you follow this blog you know two things about Josh Jackson:

1. Pacey is my UltimateTVBoyfriend

2. The man can wear a coat like no one’s business

Yet somehow I am TWO YEARS behind on the fact that GQ had a sexy ass photospread that’s like my total fantasy: PACEY MODELING COATS!!!


This one has to be my favorite though:

HNNNNNGG!!!! You’ve come a long way from the Brown Coat of Lust baby!!

Thanks to Blogging Pal Cherie who showed me these pics and is having her own little BAMF GQ excitement at the moment.


I do not understand these van der Feelings!

So I loved to hate Dawson’s Creek. Mostly I loved Pacey and I HATED Dawson. Sometimes I’d watch that show and it would make me violent. He was just such an ass – patronizing, entitled, competitive, controlling, manipulative. It was impossible to understand how he could be the “hero” of the show when he was clearly such a douchenozzle.

Yet I watched because god knows I love me some Pacey and Cheesy Teen Dramas. What I loved even more was when Pacey got the girl. In fact, it’s going on 8 years since that show went off the air and my PaceyGirl Trish and I STILL love to remind each other of this:

So my default position is to hate on James van der Beek (especially when last year I read via his divorce settlement that he still earns over 70K a month! HOW is that possible!?! Does he work???) So imagine my confusion when he released this internet video/meme that is so funny, so awesome that it makes me feel like I could actually forgive EVERY ASSY DAWSON MOMENT EVER!!

James van der Memes

I mean, how can I not love it for THIS alone??:

Or this?:

The more I realized what the internet was really demanding – more intense emotional close-ups of my face

I mean WTF Beek?? Years of hating on you and then you gotta do this?? I’m so confused!

And because I’m eternally loyal to my Ultimate TVBoyfriendE! is having a poll about the Beek’s viral video vs. Josh Jackson’s Pacey-Con. I’ll give you a hint who is winning THAT one as well 😉



Damn you Fringe!!

So I am STILL DVR’ing Fringe although I vaguely ever know what is going on. Why do I keep coming back? Because the bastards know that I am a total sucker for:

Peter Pacey in his undies:

Peter Pacey with a gun:

Peter Pacey doing forehead kisses:

(Ok so this isn’t the one that made me swoony – this wasn’t even a forehead kiss but a kiss off to OtherSideOlivia but close enough.)

It was like this Pacey/Joey scene that STILL makes me get all girlie and gushy:

I visited Awesome Blogging Pal Julie last weekend for our Blogging Girls Gone Wild! weekend (but it was so cold it was more like tapas and sangria followed by comfy clothes and Vampire Diaries viewing!) and we watched some Old School Pacey and Joey Season 3 Dawson’s Creek episodes. Did we still squeal and fangirl for Ultimate TVBoyfriend? Damn STRAIGHT we did!

(pics from Fox’s Fringe site. You can watch the episode Entrada here)