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“Elvis is the one who created women fainting for Rock Stars”

It’s Elvis’ birthday y’all!!!!! The King would have been 77 on January 8th. To celebrate, here are a few of the pictures that would have covered the walls of my 1950’s Teen Girl Bedroom had I been alive to witness him at his most beautifully seductive (and my name would have been “Betty”!)

I call this one "J. Crew Elvis"!


Even at the very start, the camera sure loved him


This is just hot: the profile, the hair, the hands the BELT BUCKLE!!!

These are all from a great book called Elvis: A Celebration that chronicles his life and career literally from childhood to the last photo taken before his death. It is a page turner for sure.

These aren’t from that book, but this first one is one of my all-time favorite Elvis photos:

Did "Bedroom Eyes" exist before Elvis? I think not


UNF!!!!! And this one from the same shoot:

I love this because it looks like he's taking the shot himself, like with an iPhone!

I can’t even imagine what these types of photos did to 1950’s girls with libidos that had to be kept under wraps. I mean, I know what they do to me NOW and they are 50 years old and the man is dead!! (thanks to “Queen of Google” Laura for finding these last two for me!)

Another book that covers this Era of Elvis that is a must see is Alfred Wertheimer’s Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis. Elvis at the cusp of his full on ascent to superstardom – incredibly fascinating (and gorgeous!)


Robbie is Trouble

I’ve recently been renewing my love affair with cheeky monkey Robbie Williams and his fabulous catalog of catchy, clever poptastic tunes. It never ceases to annoy me that he’s not famous here and therefore hasn’t bothered touring the US again. When I was in England I bought his latest CD because it felt like a proper British thing to do 😉

Last night I found this video which made me love Robbie even more:

This of course is a homage to The One, The Only, The King:

Robbie is such a fun and charismatic performer, it’s fabulous to see him take on an iconic performance like this one. The lyrics of this song Handsome Man are an entertaining notion of fame as a combination of cockiness and vulnerability that he does so very well. And this line in particular never ceases to make me giggle:

You can’t argue with popularity

Well you could

But you’d be wrong

It’s funny because it’s true!


Flowers Friday: That’s the look – that’s the look – The Look of Love edition

Last week I was raving about 80’s English Popsters ABC and their album The Lexicon of Love. They have to have had some sort of influence on Brandon Flowers:

ABC Singer Martin Fry in "The Look of Love" - 1982

Brandon in "For Reasons Unknown" - 2006

Gold Lamé Martin - 1982


Gold Lamé Brandon - 2007

But you know who invented wearing Gold Lamé suits don’t you?

THIS guy!!!


STILL The King

Last week I caught some of VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. I didn’t see the whole series, but saw enough to learn they put Coldplay higher than Pearl Jam. So at that point, I stopped paying attention to what VH1 considers Greatest and All Time.

And don’t even get me started on U2 at #19. Shut UP VH1!

But I did happen to catch part of the final hour and was shocked, horrified – nay – APPALLED to find that the brain trust at VH1 put Elvis Aaron Presley at #8.


I saw this like, 5 days ago and I’m still pissed off about it!

Right after I graduated college some friends and I (oh you know Sarah was there!) drove across the country to move to LA and we spent a day in Memphis. Specifically we spent a day at Graceland. And when I say “a day” I mean from open to close. If they had let us sleep in the parking lot and eat chicken fried steaks for breakfast, we would have.

If you have never been to Graceland – first of all – what’s wrong with you?!? It’s a national treasure! Second of all – they brainwash you there. For real. You may go in thinking “Elvis was pretty cool.” Or “Elvis was a good singer”. But by the time you leave there you will be thinking, “ELVIS IS THE GREATEST HUMAN BEING WHO EVER EXISTED IN THE HISTORY OF TIME!!!!”

I’m not sure if it’s the Jungle Room, or the Eternal Flame, or the satin jumpsuits – but you emerge from Graceland with a whole new appreciation for The Man The Myth The King.

And c’mon – at least 80% of the musicians on VH1’s stupid list wouldn’t even BE if it weren’t for Elvis. Before him there was NO rock n’ roll for godssakes!!

As one of the VH1 commentator’s said:

Elvis is the one who created women fainting for rock stars

Hell yeah!!