she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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The Klaus Show

So, this is happening:




I’m very excited 😉

April 25th on the CW.


Flowers Friday: Battle Born!!

Hey remember Flowers Fridays? It’s been awhile but that’s because Brandon and the boys have been pretty quiet ever since the Christmas Video of Sexy Cowpokes.

But this week they released a trailer for their new album! Is this a thing now? Album trailers? Because it’s pretty damn cool:

Ooooh how dramatic and exciting and a bit cheesy! What are they burning? Evidence? Bodies? What’s with the kinda dorky but still awesome logo?:


All I know is that I am very excited for this new album and probably just as excited to see this pouty faced pretty boy back in denim and styling products:


Is it fall yet???

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Sexy Vamps vs. Sexy Agents

So Entertainment Weekly has 3 covers for the Vampire Diaries this week!

This one:



Looked awfully familiar to me. Hmmmmm……


Source: Andrea of course!

You’ll note on the EW cover there is a story about “shippers” – that would be fans that root for a particular couple on a show. And do you know how that particular term got introduced into the pop culture lexicon? That’s right – by THE X-FILES 😉

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Parks and Rec: Andy’s Mouth Surprise!

Look what I’m giving my Parks and Recreation fangirl work-friends for Christmas:

Pawnee mugs overflowing with Andy Dwyer’s favorite “sandwich” makings which would be Skittles between two Starbursts aka Andy’s Mouth Surprise.

It’s gonna be awesomesauce!


Dreamy Boys of the ’90s

Between Pearl Jam nostalgia yesterday, and today’s EW article about Dean Cain and his TV movie career – I’ve been feeling very 90s. It was the decade I graduated high school, went to college, transferred colleges, graduated college, moved to Los Angeles, moved to Boston, wore a lot of flannel and long patterned dresses with Doc Martins, and fanny packs (!) and denim overall SHORTS.

Of course being ME, I also had crushes on Cute Famous Boys (covering my dorm walls with them floor to ceiling!) Some of them continue until this day (paging Pacey Witter!), some still make me smile even if the heart doesn’t pitter patter as hard (lookin’ good Luke Perry!), and some listed below were just passing fancies:

Dean Cain

Oh how I LOVED Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman! (I even worked on the same studio lot and once got to make a call from inside a phone both in Metropolis!) Dean Cain was an All-American Boy who looked exotic and crushed on Lois adorably, while looking good shirtless, of course 😉 I got to meet him once at a charity event and he could not have been sweeter.

Matthew Perry

Oh Miss Chanandler Bong – how I loved you!! I was OBSESSED with Friends in its first few seasons and the major focus of my love was snarky Chandler and his Original Bromance with Joey. They filmed at that same studio lot and I found many reasons to walk by his TV Star Porsche parked outside their soundstage. I met him too – a few times (stalker much?) and even have a picture with him that my mom had framed on her wall for years and would answer “yes” when asked, “is that your daughter and her boyfriend?”

Chris O'Donnell

This crush probably started with Circle of Friends (so swoony and Irish!) and ended RIGHT after he was Robin in whatever Batman he was in. He just made a really hot superhero sidekick, IMO.

Brendan Fraser

Abs. ‘Nuff said. And he has not aged well, sadly.

Jason and Jeremy London

Ohhhh the London Twins. One was in Dazed and Confused, the other was my TVBoyfriend Griffin on Party of Five (I could never remember who was who then, I’m not gonna start now.) They were very pretty and decent actors – and double the eye candy! But the one that was Griffin was my favorite because he was such a wounded loser/loner with dead sister issues and romantic yearning for annoying Julia Salinger. These boys have ended up real Hollywood tragedy stories which is a waste of such Pretty and TVBoyfriend goodness.

Ben Affleck

Oh BEN. How much did I love you in Good Will Hunting? A LOT. I wanted you to show up at my door every morning with an offering from Dunkin’ Donuts. He was everything I liked – tall, dark and handsome, chiseled jaw, good hair and funny – oh man, remember when Ben Affleck was funny?! Then Bennifer I happened and he was so douchey. Then Bennifer II happened and he got so boring. (And in-between Jason Motherfuckin’ Bourne happened, and my affections transferred to Matty.) However, I am reserving the right to move Ben off this list given how hot he was in The Town (how do you like them apples?)

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Like scoring two touchdowns in the final minutes of the State Championship, Friday Night Lights showed some of that Texas spirit and didn’t go down without a fight last night at the Emmys!:

Best Actor in a Drama!!!!!!!


AND Best Writing Drama Series!!!! Goddamn y’all!! It’s ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like basically anyone who ever watched and loved this show, I was screaming and cheering last night at these wins as if it was Friday night in Dillon Texas. Never in the history of EVER (and that’s not hyperbole people) has there been a show more deserving of accolades and official recognition as this beautiful little heart of a show. The love and attention that went into every character, every story arc, every episode for five seasons was like a gift.

I said this previously about FNL:

This is what this show does so well – it makes these characters real. It makes them dimensional, believable people that you care about – you root for them, you pray that they don’t make bad decisions or get caught in circumstances beyond their control and when they do – you weep for them (at least my mom and I do. I don’t think there was one episode this season that didn’t make me cry like a baby at some point.) Yes I know that they are not real – but the fact that it seems like they could be is what makes this show so emotionally resonant.

And that still stands today. I’m as proud and excited for these wins as I was of Smash and Tyra getting into college, of Jason getting a job to support his family in New York, of Vince surviving his dad and his neighborhood, of Tim Riggins for buying that piece of land to build his dreams on. They may not be real people, but these two Emmys ARE real as hell!!

It was also thrilling to see Dillon Alum Scott “Six” Porter tweeting his congrats:

That just proves that the Man behind the Coach is as decent, honorable, kind, loving and tough as we hoped he would be. I would have loved a second one-two punch of Best Actress for Connie Britton (where is Coach with out Tami Taylor y’all??) and Best Drama, but you know what? This is still as sweet as victory over Arnett-Meade 😉

So if I haven’t convinced you (and why not? I’ve convinced at least three people stateside and two internationally to watch!) then please listen to the Academy of Arts and Sciences whose entire JOB is to decide what is The Best!

P.S. If you’re a “Dillon Superteam” fan than you also were screeching, “LANDRY!! MATTY!! VINCE!!” at Jane Lynch’s opening number!!


The Vampire Diaries’ Brothers Salvatore vs. Brothers Originals

Want to hear some good news? Less than TWO WEEKS until The Vampire Diaries S3 premiere!!

Awesome Blogging Pal Julie and I spent the first part of the summer hiatus sobbing into our cocktails about how much we missed the Hot, Often Shirtless, Sometimes Wet Denizens of Mystic Falls:

Source: a Tumblr I forgot to cite bc I was too busy drooling - sorry!

Then True Blood came on with the Hot, Often Shirtless, Sometimes Wet denizens of Bon Temps:

Oh Amnesia Eric I love how you even forgot to wear shirts!


But then we got back to work and did our Fabulous Four Part Ripper Redux Series about Stefan Salvatore’s path from good guy, to bad vampire, to good vampire, to bad vampire, to good vampire, to dot, dot, dot (as Damon would say!)You can read the whole series here.

Now we bring you a look at a topic sure to be a biggie this season – Damon and Stefan Salvatore (Vampire Brothers 2.0) and Klaus and Elijah “Original” (Vampire Brothers 1.0) So stop your reading, start your clicking and go to TV Recappers’ Anonymous for:

The Vampire Diaries’ Klaus/Elijah vs. Damon/Stefan (and it’s all just a little bit of history repeating…)

Team Ripper toast to brotherhood!


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Jake Gyllenhaal can gut a sheep for me ANYtime!

You may have heard that Jake Gyllenhaal was on the premiere episode of Man vs. Wild this week. I spent most of the show alternately urging him not to get hurt, and warning the elements of Iceland not to wreck his pretty face.

Not only did he bravely hike through an epic snowstorm in white-out conditions and over a dangerous hidden bed of lava, but he ate a worm, slept in a snow cave, waded across a sub-freezing river (shirtless! Yay Discovery Channel!) overcame his fear of heights to shimmy over a LONG rope high above a DEEP canyon, gutted and BEHEADED a (dead) sheep (!!!!), but he did it all with a sense of humor and enthusiasm that absolutely added to his already sky high charm factor.

Did I mention that he snuck in a pack of hot chocolate mix for the snow cave sleepover? I’m telling you – if you’re stuck in the wilderness somewhere with only one Hollywood Pretty Boy to help you survive – Go Gyllenhaal. He’ll wade across a frozen river to gut an animal for you and bring back chocolate. I’d like to see Robert Pattinson do that!




Always a Bridesmaid(s)

I saw Bridesmaids this weekend. I didn’t love the trailers but the reviews were great so off I went with Janis to a fully packed theater (this a week after it opened AND with Pirates of the Caribbean IX: Now More Piratey! now playing) full of women AND men (yay guys listening to the reviews that it’s not a “chick flick”!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes it’s funny and raunchy and well written and acted. It also captures so many qualities of female friendships – the loyalty and in-jokes, the arguments and jealousies, the devotion, bonds and way you can drive each other crazy and love each other to death. Female friendships are complex but they are also invaluable and you can tell the movie was written by women (star Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) because of the way these women talked to one another and cared about each other. I don’t think male writers are able to capture that in quite the same way because they don’t speak “the language.”

The touch that I adored because I absolutely related to it was the gift Maid of Honor Annie (Wiig) gives best friend and bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph) at her Parisian and Puppy themed wedding shower: a box full of a lifetime of shared in-jokes – the lid of which is covered in pictures of teen idols she had crushes on. I HAVE THAT BOX!!! Well, not that exact one, but one damn near close made by my friend Robyne in college and decoupaged with pictures of Cute Famous Boys I loved at the time. That? That is a touch that only a women would dream up.

Other reasons why you know this movie was written by women?


Shirtless Jon Hamm. And….

This Guy (TM Fabulous Blogging Pal Julie)

Who is he? His name is Chris O’Dowd and I’d never seen him before but I absolutely adored him in this. Why? Because he’s basically an Irish Lloyd Dobler in a cop uniform. No lie. And reading his IMDB bio I see that he has a “collection of over a thousand chocolate bar wrappers” which means now I would like to marry him 😉

But seriously – only WOMEN could write this male character because he’s pretty adorable and charming and lovely – and if such a real man actually exists, I would Very Much Like to Meet Him. If you’re female and see this movie you’ll swoon over Officer Rhodes here, if you’re a guy – take some notes!

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Cute Boy Alert!: Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster

In case you haven’t heard, I love me some Parks & Recreation. And while it is hard to shake my devotion to Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson, new budget guy and former “Boy Mayor” Ben Wyatt is certainly doing his best to make me love him.

Adam Scott came on as Ben late in S2 and has done something rather impressive – which is fit so seamlessly into a pretty perfect cast it seems as he’s been there from the start. Ben is adorably dorky with a pitch perfect deadpan that is needed in the wacky world of Pawnee. His little crush on Leslie is sweet as is his inability to speak publicly without making a total ass of himself.

How cute is he modeling raincoats in this month’s GQ!:


And what’s that? He’s in a movie called Friends with Kids starring Jon Hamm? YES PLEASE!


Guess I’ve got some Party Down to catch up on!