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James Dean is Still Cooler Than You

Today is the 59th anniversary of James Dean’s death. The man would be 83 years old now and who knows what he would have done with his life and career had he survived a car crash. He may have gotten fat or bald, made terrible movies or been hawking products in TV commercials. Instead he is frozen in time just like this:


Eternally young, handsome and cool. Recently my boyfriend and I watched East of Eden because we were going to the central California coast where the movie is set. I watched Dean’s movies a lot when I was a teenager and spent most of that time alternately swooning and grieving that he was so stunningly beautiful and so tragically dead. Watching it now with an adult perspective I really appreciated how incredibly talented he was and how he certainly was one of the first true archetypes of the Wounded Misunderstood Man Child Who Just Wants to be Loved that so many of us are drawn to (paging Dr. Doug Ross, looking at you Tim Riggins.)

On our trip we drove out to Cholame where Dean died and is memorialized around a shady tree next to a diner right out of a movie set. The first time I saw it in the early 90’s there had been small sort of cameos of his face as part of the memorial that had been filled over with plastic to keep them preserved. But over the years fans had chipped away at the plastic attempting to get to the image underneath. Those were no longer there and I figured that this long gone, not many people stop there to see the memorial anymore.

Inside the Jack Ranch Cafe next door with its walls covered in Dean memorabilia, country music playing in the kitchen and warm cherry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream we learned from our waitress that every single day people still come in there because of James Dean. EVERY. DAY. That’s some pretty amazing longevity for someone who is probably more well-known by Kids Today for merchandise with his face on it rather than his film work or cult of celebrity.

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So rest in peace James Dean – nearly six decades gone and we’re still watching you, talking about you and looking for you.

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Y’all know it’s a tank top, right?

Look what Old Navy has:

Does it make you sassy, give you a nice rack, fabulous hair and score you a great husband??


In that case I’ll take 10 please!!

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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂

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“Battleship”: A Girl’s Review

Not enough Shirtless Kitsch. Shirtless Skarsgard has his torso blocked for most of the scene. Landry is awesome. Rhianna sucks.

Once again movie people – don’t you want to make money off of straight women with eyes, libidos and disposable income??? Then LOSE THE DAMN SHIRTS! God, this isn’t rocket science you know!!


(honestly, the movie isn’t that bad in fact it was better than I expected for that type of summer-testerone-let’s-blow-shit-up type of Boy Flick. But I bet it would be making a lot more money off of women who want to see shirtless Tim Riggins. GIVE THE LADIES WHAT THEY WANT!!)

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He’s got my vote!

I saw this on Twitter:

Any man who espouses Coach Eric Taylor’s rousing credo is a man I am happy to support (let’s face it – I was going to vote for Obama anyway, but this seals the deal!)

I needed some Dillon, Texas in my life the other night so I watched the S3 FNL episode Hello, Goodbye and it was so, so good: Tyra breaks Landry’s heart, Matt’s mom tries to make amends, Tami loses the Jumbotron fight and Smash gets into college (not enough Riggins, but you can’t have everything!) Even though I’ve seen the episode I was still drawn in and again held my breath as Smash tried out and I cried when he got into college and thanked Coach for everything. Friday Night Lights STICKS with you, it gets under your skin and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, or how long the show is off the air – I will always care about these characters and be invested in their stories.

Texas Forever!

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So are the Dillon Panthers going to State???

I live in New England and apparently the Patriots are going to the Superbowl. I’m not a sports fan, my bands are my teams – but it is exciting for the fans and since it will be a match-up with the Giants it will be full-blown Pats insanity/heated rivalry here for the next few weeks (months? When’s the Superbowl? Again, sports are not my thing – my thing is the upcoming Oscars.)

Pretty much all I know about football and all I care about football is when it is played in Dillon Texas and it involves either the Dillon Panthers or East Dillon Lions or some Superteam combination of both:

Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN’T LOSE!!!!


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Like scoring two touchdowns in the final minutes of the State Championship, Friday Night Lights showed some of that Texas spirit and didn’t go down without a fight last night at the Emmys!:

Best Actor in a Drama!!!!!!!


AND Best Writing Drama Series!!!! Goddamn y’all!! It’s ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like basically anyone who ever watched and loved this show, I was screaming and cheering last night at these wins as if it was Friday night in Dillon Texas. Never in the history of EVER (and that’s not hyperbole people) has there been a show more deserving of accolades and official recognition as this beautiful little heart of a show. The love and attention that went into every character, every story arc, every episode for five seasons was like a gift.

I said this previously about FNL:

This is what this show does so well – it makes these characters real. It makes them dimensional, believable people that you care about – you root for them, you pray that they don’t make bad decisions or get caught in circumstances beyond their control and when they do – you weep for them (at least my mom and I do. I don’t think there was one episode this season that didn’t make me cry like a baby at some point.) Yes I know that they are not real – but the fact that it seems like they could be is what makes this show so emotionally resonant.

And that still stands today. I’m as proud and excited for these wins as I was of Smash and Tyra getting into college, of Jason getting a job to support his family in New York, of Vince surviving his dad and his neighborhood, of Tim Riggins for buying that piece of land to build his dreams on. They may not be real people, but these two Emmys ARE real as hell!!

It was also thrilling to see Dillon Alum Scott “Six” Porter tweeting his congrats:

That just proves that the Man behind the Coach is as decent, honorable, kind, loving and tough as we hoped he would be. I would have loved a second one-two punch of Best Actress for Connie Britton (where is Coach with out Tami Taylor y’all??) and Best Drama, but you know what? This is still as sweet as victory over Arnett-Meade 😉

So if I haven’t convinced you (and why not? I’ve convinced at least three people stateside and two internationally to watch!) then please listen to the Academy of Arts and Sciences whose entire JOB is to decide what is The Best!

P.S. If you’re a “Dillon Superteam” fan than you also were screeching, “LANDRY!! MATTY!! VINCE!!” at Jane Lynch’s opening number!!


Much deserved love for the folks of Dillon Texas!!

If you follow this blog you know I am madly in love with Friday Night Lights. Finally last season the rest of the damn world started taking notice and the show got a lot of attention for the episode The Son and the heartbreaking work of Zach Gilford. Then Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton got their LONG overdue Emmy nominations for playing only the Greatest Married Couple on Television in the History of Ever – Eric and Tami Taylor.

As media outlets do their round-up of “Best of” for the year, they are remembering that FNL is a show that has consistently delivered beautiful, heartbreaking, authentic, riveting drama for four seasons and are continuing to give the show it’s much deserved due:

You can watch the superb Season 4 of FNL on Hulu including Zach Gilford’s shoulda-been-nominated One Son.

You have an Emmy in my book Matty Saracen!!



Get Your Riggins-on-a-thon!!

A few months ago I “met” Cherie – a lovely lass from Australia who was following my and Blogging Pal Julie’s blogs. She seemed to like all the same things we did (sexy vampires, shirtless men) and was incredibly funny and snarky and fit right in with our obsessive fangirl posse.

I was commenting on a post of Julie’s about Damon Salvatore being all broody and brokenhearted and compared him to a “Vampire Tim Riggins” which got Cherie’s attention. I directed her here to my Friday Night Lights Lovefests and she was immediately captivated by the Trademark Riggins “Brood and Smolder.”

Not a week later she had bought the first three seasons of FNL that are available in Australia and spent a long weekend with girlfriends which she named the Get Your Riggins-On-a-Thon! And they didn’t just watch the whole thing – oh – no. These girls made pom poms and wore their own team shirts and then went out during some Oz football finals in the streets with their faces painted the Dillon Panthers COLORS!!

Cherie's actual jersey worn in observance of Get-Your-Riggins-on-a-thon weekend!

I could not have been more proud 🙂

She kept my mom and I updated the entire weekend with their antics and we were rolling on the floor. We just sit and watch FNL and cry and wish it was a real place we could go to. These girls made it an event!! (I highly recommend checking out her hilarious updates in the comments section of this post.)

So as if THAT didn’t all make Cherie cool enough – she’s started a fantastic blog called My Spidey Sense is Tingling where she covers all sorts of exciting topics (sexy vampires, shirtless men) and this week made me adore her further by proclaiming that because of me she now loves The Killers (in a Damon-centric post no less!) Hey I don’t make money on this blog – but you know what I do get? People like Cherie listening to my crazy ravings about boys I love in TV and music and going out to see/hear for themselves what the hell I’m on about.

I mean, I have international influence dammit! So go support Cherie and her blog so she can write something that will make someone go “I gotta go check that out!” and fall in love with a fantastic show or a great band or a cute boy.

The Man, the Myth, the Riggins Brood and Smolder


My MamaObsessive CMU!

So recently my mom has gotten into watching The Vampire Diaries. You may be surprised to know that I did not even make her watch it! She took it upon herself to see what all my hysteria was about and caught the S2 premiere, and now our entire Thursday night viewing schedule has been recalibrated to accommodate her growing fangirliness.

What got her invested? A little snarky, sexy, vampire bad boy with a wounded heart named Damon Salvatore, but of course 😛 Sadly my mom does not love Stefan Salvatore and spends most of the episode bratting about him, demanding more Damon, giggling at everything Damon says, and carrying on about Ian Somerhalder’s dreamy eyes.

This is why my new on-line pal Cherie calls my mom a “Fangirl Incubator”!

In fact mom’s DamonLove has grown so exponentially that this weekend she went on to me in a rather detailed manner, about a movie that should be made starring Taylor Kitsch (her very beloved Tim Riggins) and Ian Somerhalder. In this movie they would be “trapped on on a island” (which should be no problem for the Man Formerly Known as Boone and the one about to sink your battleship), and have to “take off their shirts in the hot sun” and, “go into the ocean to catch their dinner to survive” then emerge from said dinner expedition, “all glistening and wet.”

My mother, ladies and gentleman! Clap clap clap!!

Frankly – what straight woman or gay man with eyesight and a pulse DOESN’T want to see this movie!?! Get my mother a three-picture deal stat!!

So to aid in her pitch – here’s what we’d be looking at for two hours. Oh and a plot? Really? Does it really need some plot stinking up the WetShirtlessSexiness?:

THIS guy:


+ THIS guy



(tm Blogging Pal Julie for “This guy” AND “Mommy Like” – gotta give fangirl credit where credit is due!)