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I do not understand these van der Feelings!

So I loved to hate Dawson’s Creek. Mostly I loved Pacey and I HATED Dawson. Sometimes I’d watch that show and it would make me violent. He was just such an ass – patronizing, entitled, competitive, controlling, manipulative. It was impossible to understand how he could be the “hero” of the show when he was clearly such a douchenozzle.

Yet I watched because god knows I love me some Pacey and Cheesy Teen Dramas. What I loved even more was when Pacey got the girl. In fact, it’s going on 8 years since that show went off the air and my PaceyGirl Trish and I STILL love to remind each other of this:

So my default position is to hate on James van der Beek (especially when last year I read via his divorce settlement that he still earns over 70K a month! HOW is that possible!?! Does he work???) So imagine my confusion when he released this internet video/meme that is so funny, so awesome that it makes me feel like I could actually forgive EVERY ASSY DAWSON MOMENT EVER!!

James van der Memes

I mean, how can I not love it for THIS alone??:

Or this?:

The more I realized what the internet was really demanding – more intense emotional close-ups of my face

I mean WTF Beek?? Years of hating on you and then you gotta do this?? I’m so confused!

And because I’m eternally loyal to my Ultimate TVBoyfriendE! is having a poll about the Beek’s viral video vs. Josh Jackson’s Pacey-Con. I’ll give you a hint who is winning THAT one as well 😉