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Summer of Shirtless Men

Channing Tatum

Yes I DID see Magic Mike and yes I WILL be posting about it shortly!

Ryan Lochte


Mmmm…Olympic Swimmers and Divers and gymnasts OH MY!

Vampire Eric


I’m so behind on True Blood but I appreciated the season premiere featuring lotsa nearly naked Jason Stackhouse.

Italian Football Team

Thanks to my English girl Lisa who sported me these pics of sexy, shiny Italian hotties!

Isn’t objectifying men with the female gaze fun?!

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“Magic Mike” – oh you know I’m going!

I have no interest in actual male strippers, and I didn’t even care too much about Channing Tatum until I was charmed by him in 21 Jump Street – but if you think I’m not going to see a movie that is over an hour of Hot Shirtless Pretty Boys – then obviously we’ve never met: Hi, I’m Amy and I like Hot Shirtless Pretty Boys 😉

And OH YES, there will be a “A Girl’s Review” of this one!


My International Boyfriends

You know what they say – have one in every port!:

My Irish Boyfriend

Chris O’Dowd (Source)

My French Boyfriend

Jean Dujardin (Source)

My English Boyfriend

Joseph Morgan (Source)

My Scottish Boyfriend

Ewan McGregor (Source)

My Australian Boyfriend

Ryan Kwanten (Source)

My Canadian Boyfriend

Joshua Jackson (Source)

I am currently taking applications for Italian, Spanish and Swedish Boyfriends 😉


Get Your Riggins-on-a-thon!!

A few months ago I “met” Cherie – a lovely lass from Australia who was following my and Blogging Pal Julie’s blogs. She seemed to like all the same things we did (sexy vampires, shirtless men) and was incredibly funny and snarky and fit right in with our obsessive fangirl posse.

I was commenting on a post of Julie’s about Damon Salvatore being all broody and brokenhearted and compared him to a “Vampire Tim Riggins” which got Cherie’s attention. I directed her here to my Friday Night Lights Lovefests and she was immediately captivated by the Trademark Riggins “Brood and Smolder.”

Not a week later she had bought the first three seasons of FNL that are available in Australia and spent a long weekend with girlfriends which she named the Get Your Riggins-On-a-Thon! And they didn’t just watch the whole thing – oh – no. These girls made pom poms and wore their own team shirts and then went out during some Oz football finals in the streets with their faces painted the Dillon Panthers COLORS!!

Cherie's actual jersey worn in observance of Get-Your-Riggins-on-a-thon weekend!

I could not have been more proud 🙂

She kept my mom and I updated the entire weekend with their antics and we were rolling on the floor. We just sit and watch FNL and cry and wish it was a real place we could go to. These girls made it an event!! (I highly recommend checking out her hilarious updates in the comments section of this post.)

So as if THAT didn’t all make Cherie cool enough – she’s started a fantastic blog called My Spidey Sense is Tingling where she covers all sorts of exciting topics (sexy vampires, shirtless men) and this week made me adore her further by proclaiming that because of me she now loves The Killers (in a Damon-centric post no less!) Hey I don’t make money on this blog – but you know what I do get? People like Cherie listening to my crazy ravings about boys I love in TV and music and going out to see/hear for themselves what the hell I’m on about.

I mean, I have international influence dammit! So go support Cherie and her blog so she can write something that will make someone go “I gotta go check that out!” and fall in love with a fantastic show or a great band or a cute boy.

The Man, the Myth, the Riggins Brood and Smolder


Where are my Birthday Boys?!?

I’m hoping these guys are on a little road trip to come wish me a Happy Birthday:

Acceptable birthday gifts would include: either of them shirtless OR in a tank top. This guy. This guy. Or really, if we’re talking the Best Birthday Ever – This Guy:

Look! He's waiting for you guys to call and get him for me!

Door’s always open Salvatores!! I’m the one in the Birthday Girl tiara 😉


Why I love my blog

These are the kind of searches I get here:




Bloody Good Cookies

Tonight is the S3 finale of True Blood. That certainly flew by! And I managed to see the entire season without paying an extra cent to Comcast for HBO so yay me!

It was quite the summer in Bon Temps – dumb boys, annoying vampires and mouthwatering biscuits…I hope we don’t have to wait nearly a year again for S4.

To celebrate I thought I’d do something special. I wanted to bake cookies and thought that finding vampire cookie cutters should be the easiest thing in the world. I mean, Halloween stuff is all over the place already and Vampires are hot! They’re everywhere! However, I had trouble finding any cookie cutters that had a caped vamp or even some fangs.

So instead I googled and found this recipe and I made my own damn Vampire Cookies thankyouverymuch!:

Sugar cookies filled with jam and poked with “bite marks”, then you ooze the jam out for “blood” (and I experimented with red icing.) I only had strawberry, but I think next time I’ll try raspberry for added bloodiness. I’m pretty pleased with them.

Happy Finale Viewing Fangbangers!


Happy 1st Birthday Imaginary Men!

So today marks a year since I launched this blog. Hard to believe that so much time has gone by and this blog has marked it all: the shirtless boys, the Brandon Flowers obsession, TV Boys and their wardrobes, the vampires, werewolves and stupid Stackhouses that have filled my entertainment life for the past 365 days.

Here’s some fun Imaginary Men facts:

  • Number of posts: 432
  • Number of comments: 1,002 (and that’s not even all just me making comments to jack up the numbers!)
  • Number of blocked spams: 1,404
  • Total Views: 55,442 (my goal of 50,000 hits by today’s date was surpassed back in July!)
  • Most popular post of the year: 25 Days of Imaginary Men: James Dean = 4,547 (not bad for a dead guy)
  • Post with the greatest hits in one day: Fifty on our Foreheads = 1,098 (thanks to being featured on WP front page)
  • Topic that put this blog “on the map”: Anything about Larry Mullen’s Scorpion t-shirt (in combination these posts all = just under 6,000 hits)

All in all it has been a fun ride and I’ve met so many fabulous people along the way – some have even become actual Real Life Friends which is very exciting. It is also great to know that there are so many like minded people out there who feel just as passionately as I do about music, TV shows, and cute boys.

Thanks to you all and I hope to keep you giggling and/or rolling your eyes for another year. Won’t you please have some cake with me to celebrate?

Love and many thanks,


(delicious pic from Novel Eats)


The problem with Bill Compton

I am not Team Bill. I am however, Team Stephen Moyer. He seems so charming, funny and sexy in interviews and is SO handsome with his lighter hair and his British accent. In fact Sarah and I much prefer “HotEnglishBill” to “BoringSouthernBill.”

So what’s the problem with Bill Compton? Oh where do I start!: Bill is ineffectual. He yells a lot but no one pays any attention to him (he yells at Jason – and gets thrown out of the house.) He threatens a lot but no one feels threatened (Eric just looks down at him and smirks.) He makes demands for information that no one ever gives him (Pam scoffs and starts beating him up.) He believes he’s powerful but he’s not (don’t get me started on the whole Lorena thing.)

The issue is that he’s completely impotent. Everyone is older, stronger, more powerful than him – Eric, Russell, Pam, Lorena. Even the one being he should have control over – Jessica who he “made” – she doesn’t listen to him either basically acting like the teenager she is by asserting her will against her father figure! He’s constantly overpowered by other vampires, by females, by werewolves. I mean, Bill gives good fight – but still there he is – chained to the floor getting cut to shreds by CrazyLorena and sucked dry by VampireJunkie werewolves!

For me Bill is the Dawson Leery of True Blood. He’s the guy who the show keeps saying “don’t you like him? Like him!! We like him! LIKE HIM DAMMIT!!!” then they make him do things to consistently make me not like him. Plus – the real life Moyer/Paquin chemistry does not translate to the screen for me at all.

"Sookeh is miiiiine" We KNOW. Shaddup!

He’s bossy, demanding, broody (and not in a hot Salvatore way either, in a whiny way) and is outshone by the sexiness of Eric, the dopey hotness of Jason, and the (usually – when he’s not having drunken flashbacks of murdering people!) sweetness of Sam. He’s just Bill Compton stomping his foot trying to get anyone to heed his threats, demands and assertions of Sookie ownership while no one really gives a shit.

So I feel bad ripping Bill apart when, like I said, I really like Stephen Moyer. The interviews I wanted to post are all from NBC (Fallon, Conan) and they’re pains in the ass about clips. This one from Emmy weekend gives a peek at his charm, that sexy accent, and how really good looking he is without tons of pale make-up and dopey bangs!

Why can’t Bill have moved to Europe after the Civil War and come back to Bon Temps British and blonde and not so damn drippy??


The post where I whine about missing ComicCon

I’m fascinated by ComicCon because it sounds like an awesome combination of celebrities and totally insane obsessive fans. Like there my Crush Crafting and traveling to other countries for a single concert would PALE in comparison to people who dress like Hobbits in their free time and name their kids after Star Wars characters.

But this weekend I watched my Twitter feed in total despair as pretty much EVERYTHING I LOVE showed up!!

Big Bang Theory? Yeah they made it. Jim Parsons is kinda a cutie too.

True Blood? Sure. No Jason Stackhouse though so suppose I can live.

HolyHellJoel McHale and Community? Why not?

The Vampire Diaries? SOB. Yes. AND there were these door tags that if I HAD a child, I would TRADE IT for one of these, I want it so much!!

Nathan Fillion? SIGH. Uh huh. Nathan’s a damn rock star at ComicCon because of Firefly and Dr. Horrible.

Pacey? Josh Jackson was not only there for Fringe, but he staged a PaceyCon!!!

Ok that last one I admit, made me want to kill myself a little bit. Josh Jackson wearing a Pacey Hawaiian shirt and reading frickin’ Dawson’s Creek fanfic!??!?!?! This sounds like something I would MAKE UP but IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This is why he is, and will always be The Ultimate TVBoyfriend.

I have to go cry myself to sleep now on my huge pillow. 😦