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Sexy Vamps vs. Sexy Agents

So Entertainment Weekly has 3 covers for the Vampire Diaries this week!

This one:



Looked awfully familiar to me. Hmmmmm……


Source: Andrea of course!

You’ll note on the EW cover there is a story about “shippers” – that would be fans that root for a particular couple on a show. And do you know how that particular term got introduced into the pop culture lexicon? That’s right – by THE X-FILES 😉


The Vampire Diaries S3 Premiere LiveBlog!: “The Birthday”

You’re invited to the 2nd Annual Multi-Fangirl-Vampire Diaries Premiere Live Blog!

Where: Here

When: Thursday, September 15 at 8PM EST

Your Hostesses:  Amy of Imaginary Men, Julie of TVRecappers Anonymous and Cherie of My Spidey Sense is Tingling

Attire: Formal

Cocktails: Finest vintage

Cherries: Optional

Dancing: Informal

Cake: Will be served

R.S.V.P or Team Ripper will find you and they will eat you



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The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – Part III: Ye Olde Bloody Flashbacks aplenty!

Awesome Blogging Pal Julie and I are ripping (see what I did there?) through our joint series of posts exploring the inner workings of the Brothers Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries.

"Yes. We are very, very handsome"

Part I: Pivotal Scenes in Ripper Stefan Canon

Part II: More Pivotal Scenes! (Rip Away Stefan!)

With only a little under a month to go to the S3 premiere (EEEEEEIIIIII!!!!!!!!!) Julie is hosting Part III in our little series:

The Vampire Diaries Ripper Redux Part III (Feeding the Monster Within…)

And haven’t you heard? The show’s “Holy Trinity” did a fun, sexy photo shoot for Rolling Stone! There’s a great behind the scenes video here (and please note: there are shots of Ian Somerhalder posing shirtless, yet there are NO SHIRTLESS SHOTS in the magazine. Feel free to write some strongly worded letters of protest!)

I covet Nina Dobrev's hair

Yes, tank tops are good, but we were promised shirtlessness!


We’ll meet back here next week where I will host Part IV as we discuss the birth of Team Ripper!







Team Ripper hard at work!!

Some good news today: The Vampire Diaries is back in production!! And apparently Stefan and Klaus, a.k.a. “Team Ripper” are pretty happy about that!:

Oohhh!! Damon and Elena and Stefan and Klaus OH MY!

The Vampire Diaries S3 premieres September 15!! Oh you KNOW we’ll be liveblogging it 😉