she liked Imaginary Men best of all


Pacey Paper Dolls!!!!

OMG Look at these!!! Pacey Peter – fuck it – PACEY in paper doll format!!


First of all – there’s a tank top – LOVE!!!

Second of all – I seriously can’t even imagine what I would have done Back in the Day if there were official Pacey Paper Dolls. Imagine all the wee Hawaiian shirts I’d have to cut out?!

Third of all – the odds of me printing this and cutting out the beefy bare chested Peter Pacey to put on one of my Shelves o’ Obsession are pretty high, I’m not gonna lie.

(Thanks to Kelly, my partner in Pacey-Con adoration for bringing this awesomeness to my attention!)


I do not understand these van der Feelings!

So I loved to hate Dawson’s Creek. Mostly I loved Pacey and I HATED Dawson. Sometimes I’d watch that show and it would make me violent. He was just such an ass – patronizing, entitled, competitive, controlling, manipulative. It was impossible to understand how he could be the “hero” of the show when he was clearly such a douchenozzle.

Yet I watched because god knows I love me some Pacey and Cheesy Teen Dramas. What I loved even more was when Pacey got the girl. In fact, it’s going on 8 years since that show went off the air and my PaceyGirl Trish and I STILL love to remind each other of this:

So my default position is to hate on James van der Beek (especially when last year I read via his divorce settlement that he still earns over 70K a month! HOW is that possible!?! Does he work???) So imagine my confusion when he released this internet video/meme that is so funny, so awesome that it makes me feel like I could actually forgive EVERY ASSY DAWSON MOMENT EVER!!

James van der Memes

I mean, how can I not love it for THIS alone??:

Or this?:

The more I realized what the internet was really demanding – more intense emotional close-ups of my face

I mean WTF Beek?? Years of hating on you and then you gotta do this?? I’m so confused!

And because I’m eternally loyal to my Ultimate TVBoyfriendE! is having a poll about the Beek’s viral video vs. Josh Jackson’s Pacey-Con. I’ll give you a hint who is winning THAT one as well 😉



Pacey-Con is my favorite time of the year!

So the Pacey-Con at ComicCon this weekend was for a Funny or Die video. Today it was posted and it is AWESOME! If you had asked me last week, Hey Amy, could you love Joshua Jackson any more than you already do? I would have said No, I think I already love him a lot but then he did THIS!!:

I love that he has such a great sense of humor to do this. I love that he’s got the PaceyShirt and the PaceyHair even! I love that he has PASSES FOR PACEY-CON!!!!

The thing is – I know more than a few people (myself included, duh!) that would totally have our own Pacey-Con! Fanfic reading included!!! And we could definitely write “Pacey for Dummies” 🙂

And I am so making this into a shirt:

Pacey Witter is the Greatest Character in Television History.



Oh Josh, we are not worthy! (if the clip gets pulled from YouTube, watch it here, really – it is so amazing)


The post where I whine about missing ComicCon

I’m fascinated by ComicCon because it sounds like an awesome combination of celebrities and totally insane obsessive fans. Like there my Crush Crafting and traveling to other countries for a single concert would PALE in comparison to people who dress like Hobbits in their free time and name their kids after Star Wars characters.

But this weekend I watched my Twitter feed in total despair as pretty much EVERYTHING I LOVE showed up!!

Big Bang Theory? Yeah they made it. Jim Parsons is kinda a cutie too.

True Blood? Sure. No Jason Stackhouse though so suppose I can live.

HolyHellJoel McHale and Community? Why not?

The Vampire Diaries? SOB. Yes. AND there were these door tags that if I HAD a child, I would TRADE IT for one of these, I want it so much!!

Nathan Fillion? SIGH. Uh huh. Nathan’s a damn rock star at ComicCon because of Firefly and Dr. Horrible.

Pacey? Josh Jackson was not only there for Fringe, but he staged a PaceyCon!!!

Ok that last one I admit, made me want to kill myself a little bit. Josh Jackson wearing a Pacey Hawaiian shirt and reading frickin’ Dawson’s Creek fanfic!??!?!?! This sounds like something I would MAKE UP but IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This is why he is, and will always be The Ultimate TVBoyfriend.

I have to go cry myself to sleep now on my huge pillow. 😦