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The X-Files Today vs. Back in the Day

I have been loving the “revival” of The X-Files, or, technically, season 10. There’s been a mythology episode (My Struggle), a monster one (Founder’s Mutation), a funny one (Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster) and a heart breaker (Home Again). But even with two episodes left in this run, it will be hard for them to top this quiet moment in Home Again as they sit together in the hospital with Scully’s dying mother:

Scully: Back in the day did we ever come across the ability to just, wish someone back to life?
Mulder: I invented it. When you were in the hospital. Like this.
Scully: You’re a dark wizard Mulder
Mulder: What else is new (laughs)

There is a LOT going on in this brief exchange. Writer Glen Morgan knows these characters well, and these actors know their characters incredibly well. So much of Mulder and Scully’s entire relationship both professional and non has hinged on all the looks they exchange and what those gazes are saying, oftentimes without them having to speak a word. These 30 seconds intimately capture a shared history of pain, loss, struggle and understanding with exactly the right level of understatement in the performances.

Which brings me to a surprising aspect of the revival that I hadn’t expected which is the interesting new chemistry between Mulder and Scully. The show is famous for creating the “shipper” mentality in TV fandom and that’s because the leads had such incredible, lightening in a bottle on-screen chemistry together. Many viewers were like me and my friend Sarah shouting “JUST KISS ALREADY!!” at them in the 90s. But that was two decades ago and since then there have been a lot of kidnappings, near death experiences, monsters, creepy children, alien conspiracies, shadow governments, comas, dead parents, talking tattoos, buck toothed vampires, shape shifters, black oil eyes, ghost ships, inbred hillbillies, virus carrying bees, and cancer that these two have survived together.

Even with all that our favorite special agents found time to finally get it on, have a kid, give the kid away, go on the run together, settle down together, break up and reunite (at least professionally) to re-open the division that brought them to one another in the first place. And while that’s all fantastical and made-for-TV, in many ways it mirrors a marriage or any long term relationship. There are ups and downs, there are disappointments and joys, celebrations and sorrows, sometimes you want to throttle the other person and other times you could kill anyone who has hurt them.

And in the same way the actors probably feel that they are in a long term relationship of sorts that will always keep pulling them back together. It wasn’t much of a secret during the original run that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson didn’t always have the best off-screen relationship. They worked very long hours on an extremely intense show and both have said at various points they were just sick of each other. I tend to think that their off-screen prickliness may have been what lent their on-screen dynamics such an undeniable spark, because now that they clearly are quite close in real life (they seemed to be having a ball doing press together for this season), their on-screen chemistry is less hot and more cozy.

And isn’t that what happens in a real relationship as well? You ease into something comfortable and familiar. It isn’t as exciting or sexy but it’s deeper and more interesting because there are years and layers to it. This new Mulder and Scully dynamic seems lived in and because fans have watched it unfold in all it’s mysterious complexities over the last 23 years, it feels earned. Scully seems more appreciative of Mulder and he seems a lot more respectful of her and together they are just as interesting to watch as they ever were. It’s made me want to see how they develop further into another season, one in which they hopefully would find their son William, now a lanky red-haired teenager with (possibly alien) superpowers and an eye-rolling attitude about his parents who are sooooo lame.


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We Want to Believe in X-Files Ice Cream!

Maybe you have heard that a little show called The X-Files is making a return to our entertainment world next year and it begins shooting today!

My friend Andrea (perhaps you’ve read about her Wall of X?) and I thought that this momentous occasion needed to be marked in some important way – and that way is through ice cream my friends. Specifically Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as they are known for making special pop-culture themed flavors!

To that end we have started a petition and we want you to sign it! It’s quick, easy, fun and hey, we may get some Mulder and Scully themed creamy cold tasty goodness out of it!

Find it HERE and please sign, don’t be left celebrating a new season of The X-Files with only tofutti rice dreamsicles to eat 🙂

Kudos to Andrea for making this!

Kudos to Andrea for making this!

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Sexy Vamps vs. Sexy Agents

So Entertainment Weekly has 3 covers for the Vampire Diaries this week!

This one:



Looked awfully familiar to me. Hmmmmm……


Source: Andrea of course!

You’ll note on the EW cover there is a story about “shippers” – that would be fans that root for a particular couple on a show. And do you know how that particular term got introduced into the pop culture lexicon? That’s right – by THE X-FILES 😉


Fangirl Favorites: Who do we want? Mulder and Scully! When do we want them? NOW DAMN IT!

Sarah and I were pretty hardcore X-Files fans, so when it was announced in 1997 that XF would be the “lead-out” program after the Superbowl, we were pretty excited.

We went to a party at the apartment of the guy I was dating at the time (which may in fact be the only Superbowl party I’ve ever been to come to think of it!) And after the game was over Fox went on and on and ON with their trophy presentation and post-game critiquing. It was getting pretty late and we had jobs to go to in the morning.

Now you have to remember – this was 15 years ago – we didn’t have YouTube, Hulu, online streaming or DVRs. We could set the VCR to record it – but I feel like there was some sort of problem with that (no tapes? no idea when to set it for? roommate taping conflicts? Who knows.) Sarah started getting more and more aggravated at the denial of Mulder and Scully and her ever later bedtime.

Finally she’d had enough and did what any good Fangirl would do: she called the local affiliate and went all Assistant Director Walter Skinner on their asses demanding to know when the X-Files would be airing and-didn’t-they-know-people-had-to-work-in-the morning-and-couldn’t-stay-up-all-night-waiting-for-the-post-game-to-be-over-and-the-show-to-come-on??!!

I believe the local station wasn’t much help – and to be honest with you – I don’t even remember if she finally gave up and went to bed or powered through to see it! But I always remember her utter OUTRAGE at being denied her show when she was promised it. That’s my girl!!

This had nothing to do with the episode in question, it's just my favorite M/S pic!


Fangirl Favorites: The Truth is on The Wall

My friend Andrea is The Ultimate X-Files Fan. And I say this with great reverence because I’ve known some serious XF fans, I am a full-on XF fan. However, myself and the rest all pale next to Andrea.

Here’s just one example why – this is a photo and quote montage she sets up wherever she lives:

Click to enlarge it in all its glory!

And you can’t see it here, but trust me – it went from floor to ceiling. The first time I saw this I just stared open jawed for an embarrassing amount of time (being that I had just met the girl!) Then I read every single quote and reviewed every single pic. Her attention to detail in pairing the quotes with the pictures and her artistic eye for putting them all together is really impressive. I love The Wall. I covet The Wall. I miss The Wall because she’s moved and is still putting it all back together again.

Being a resident of New York, she had to make preparations for Hurricane Irene this weekend. I got a text with this photo titled “hurricane prep”:

Now THAT is a Fangirl!! She also put her entire XF DVD collection as well as some very cool memorabilia in plastic bags in her closet for safety! Thankfully all is dry and safe so she can get back to work bringing The Wall to it’s former glory 😉

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The Truth is in Here: How I met Dave Grohl

I’m really excited there’s a new Foo Fighters album coming out. They are a band I love, then I forget how much I love them until I hear a song and pull them up on my iPod and yell at myself “HOW can you forget how fucking AWESOME the Foo Fighters are?!?!????”

And I have a fondness for Dave Grohl in all his hilarious, straight-talking, wacky glory. Two of my fave Dave moments:

  • On a VH1 Countdown type show discussing Pat Benatar: “because when you’re 14 love IS a battlefield!”
  • “I love being a drummer. Everyone thinks you’re dumb. What they don’t realize is that if it weren’t for you, their band would suck.” (source)

My very favorite moment is when I got to meet him in 1996. I went to see FF in LA where I lived at the time. I went with three friends – two of whom worked on my favorite show The X-Files. Dave was a well-known fan of the show having been an extra in one episode, and contributing a FF song to a soundtrack CD.

The two XF employees thought this was totally our way in, so we stood by the stage door and when he walked by they screamed, “DAVE!!! WE WORK FOR CHRIS CARTER!!!!” My other friend and I rolled our eyes in mortification muttering, “yeah, that’ll work.” And you know what? It did! Dave fucking Grohl waved us through and we went backstage!!

It was exciting and hilarious even though there were no rock n’ roll shenanigans happening. There was a dreary little table of food, Drew Barrymore was wandering around, and Dave sat fiddling with a guitar as he talked to an awestruck little boy. We said our hellos and fangirled about the show and he was friendly and gracious and that was it.

They are, as my mom would say “good noise.”


Flowers, Fangs and Files called X

(I posted this last night but today Awesome Blogging Pal Julie commented with the above and it was so perfect I kicked myself for not thinking of it myself! Then congratulated myself for having a clever Blogging Pal like Julie!)

So I (mostly) survived the East Coast Brandon Flowers shows last weekend a.k.a. Freezing for Flowers (because we did a lot of standing around outside in November weather!)

Tomorrow I’m off again and the weekend will go something like this:




My 8th Brandon show, a TVD Fangirl Fest with Blogging Pal Julie and my first off-Broadway play with David Duchovny!!

I’ll try to put my brain back in my head by Monday to post again. By the way, thanks for making November the busiest month ever here at Imaginary Men – over 10,000 hits in one month 🙂

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25 Days / Day 8 / David Duchovny


Who: David Duchovny. Princeton and Yale educated, PhD dropout. Special Agent Fox Mulder, F.B.I.’s most unwanted

Why: He’s Fox Mulder!

When: S2 of the X-Files +, most of last year when I became obsessed with the show again

Level of Obsession: I may have saved a cup he drank out of when I worked at the Golden Globes and he left it on the table at rehearsal. And if I did I left it with an even more obsessive fan I was friends with in LA when I moved away

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): Ice when he and Scully examine each other’s necks for sub-cutaneous worms. Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath Scully Abduction Arc: the grief, devastation, rage, guilt and terror over his missing partner (bonus points for the crying slide down the doorframe in OB). “I don’t wanna wrestle” in Detour

David was also in the craptastic Kalifornia with Brad Pitt. This is actually how my friends and I knew him best so when we met him at a charity event in LA we were less “oooh X-Files!” and more “oooh we love Kalifornia!” He graciously signed my photo “Don’t pick up hitchhikers.” I met him again the following year and he was a wee bit tipsy. That time he offered “wanna see my Brad Pitt impression?” then started doing drunken-Brad-Pitt-in-Kalifornia-impressions for our benefit! So that + amazing chemistry with Gillian Anderson = why I forgive him the sex scandals, the frequent lawsuits with anyone/everyone for XF money, leaving the show in S8 but still getting top billing in the opening credits when he did appear, and that really awful look he was sporting last year with the gauntness and the long stringy hair.

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What an awesome birthday that was!

Birthday Week rolls on. My actual birthday was pretty darn great. Of course, compared to last year – a root canal without anesthesia while listening to Creed would have been an improvement.

My mom called at midnight as she always does, and she listened to America’s “Ventura Highway” which she played when she was pregnant with me (once we were driving on the VH and she was said “I can’t believe I listened to this when I was carrying you and now you are driving me on it!”) I blasted U2 in the AM and bought donuts for my office. Colleagues gave me greetings and of course the Facebook wall filled up all day with posts and cards and pictures. I got cards and presents in the mail, had a great dinner with my mom and friends and gorged myself on a deadly chocolate cake. Got more presents (including Crush Crafts!) and calls and even sweet things from semi-strangers who share in my obsessions which was lovely.

So if you know me – these birthday gifts will not surprise you. If you don’t know me – this pretty much sums me up:

  • U2: Under a Blood Red Sky DVD, Unforgettable Fire Re-master
  • Big Bang Theory S2 DVD
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog DVD
  • iTunes gift card
  • X-Files Fight the Future DVD
  • A card addressed to “Mrs. Jason Stackhouse”

My mom also gave me some amazing Larry Mullen themed gifts and she MADE me a Killers tote! It is all sparkly like Brandon. Love it!

Speaking of the Brandon Flowers obsession – I am on-line at The Killers fansite and the fans there (called “The Victims” hee!) are amazing: one girl posted a pic for me that I love, and another found a video on YT of Brandon singing Happy Birthday at a show! How great is that? Sister Obsessives (and Mom Obsessives) are the best.

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Start spreading the news

I’m not leaving today – next week actually. I bought my train ticket for NYC tonight. I am going next weekend for 4 days and I could not be more excited. It is my Congratulations on My Divorce/Happy Birthday to Me trip.

On the agenda: a little U2 stalking, a little X-File watching, a Halloween party where I will dress up for the first time in forever as a Bon Temps barmaid, and plenty of hanging out with friends.

It is also exciting because there will be plenty of times I will need to get around the city on my own. I know it may sound crazy to some but I have hardly ever been to NYC by myself so this should be interesting. I either go with my mom who went to school there, or people who live there so I just follow them. I figure with the iPhone – GPS, phone, internet, texting – it shouldn’t be that hard.

I’m always terrible when I go to the city though – I get there and there are millions of things to do and then I can’t think of anything I want to do or see! It is like an embarassment of riches and I space out. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas – bring ’em! I’d love to take better advantage of being in my birth city for a few days.